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Little girl

  There is a little girl, who lives inside my soul. She is very beautiful, she is pure, she is very unlike to the women who stands in front of you. A broken and torn flesh who is walking among the living but not truly living. For you see, to much of her soul is gone for her to be truly alive. She breathes air, yet she does not feel the warmth of her air as it flows in and out of her lungs. All she feels now is the cold that this cruel world has brought to her. She is a flower that has fell and whitherd and died. The very flower you walk upon every day, being trampled over and over. She cannot see her beauty for many have stolen her heart and torn away from her the very vitrue God had bestowed upon her as a babe. 


 If she could only see what He still sees. The little child still deep within her, just waiting to break free. To dance, to laugh once more, to feel the beauty of the kind heart she still has. No matter what she has been through, God is still reaching out. He is ready to mend together the broken peices of her heart. To show her the rain at the end of this drought. 



Verse 1:

I never had a love like this

this time, it feels so right

With you by my side

we'll brave through this hurricane together

love is what we found

in each other



The winds blow heavily at us

Look at the stars out there

They shine whenever we're together

You know me well but

tell me what it is

that you feel


Verse 2:

I get lost in this hurricane with you

I get lost wherever you go

Since you are my love

I won't wander anymore

I love you is all I can say



Our love is tested through time

It bends,it breaks, it heals

until you take me on

I won't let you go

you're my hurricane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Hurricane" symbolizes strength, wisdom, power, destruction, etc that a lover can hold but you trust them not to hurt you like others have done in the past.

Shades of Grey

Verse 1:

Everything begins to

Fade away

Into shades of grey.

I wander these dark roads

Without turning back.



With eyes open,

I wander through the darkness

In shades of grey.

As I slip further into reverie,

Won't you take me home tonight

Before I slip away

Into shades of grey?


Verse 2:

Reality scares me to death,

I'm afraid to close my eyes.

My life flashes before my eyes:

Flashbacks and nightmares

That you cannot imagine

Fades away into

Shades of grey.



Give a little love to me

'Cause I need you.

I only want you.

As the world slips away

Into shades of grey,

I awake from my reverie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P Chester Bennington. Inspired by "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park.

Stay Here

Verse 1:

Just when I thought I could be without you,

You give me a reason to stay here.

Though, you say nothing at all,

The time we spend together is precious.

My days are not so lonely anymore.



Won't you stay here with me

For a moment?

Say what you will,

'Cause I know

You are in love with me

And I: with you.


Verse 2:

Stuck between the lines

of hopes and dreams,

Won't you shine on me?

Won't you stay by my side?



When the going gets tough,

It's time to toughen up.

I need you,

You need me.

Admit it: we're each other's habits.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my "Unrequited Love" Spotify playlist (songs in there)

Home Part 2

Verse 1:

Whenever we're together,

I can feel your spirit

Lost in a crowded room.

'Cause you have my spirit,

I can do anything.

I can go through anything. 

If only, just for you.



I get lost wherever you go,

I am lost in you.

Watch the everlasting scenes

Unfold before my eyes.

'Cause I feel like breathing underwater,

Our breaths mingle in the air

As we embrace each other.


Verse 2:

Wherever you will go,

I will go there too.

Caught up on you,

Lost in you,

You have my spirit.



No one knows your story

Better than anyone else

Like I do.

'Cause home is

Whenever and wherever we're together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2 of "Home" inspired by my "Dream Guy" aka my crush.


Verse 1:

In my head,

You are my reason.

You are my everything

For life and more.



We're pieces of a puzzle 

That are connected to each other.

No matter where we go,

It'll always be together.

Always here with you.

'Cause in my life,

You need to be.


Verse 2:

You gave me a reason to live.

A chance to make it right.

Am I wrong for loving you?

'Cause I'm falling

Falling hard for you.



The scales from my eyes

Have been removed

Since you came into my life.

A jolt to the heart,

To desperately make it beat again.

'Cause my heart beats only for you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the EDM song: "Reason" by Nervo , Hook N' Sling


If I had to choose anyone in the world

I would be you

Even though you

Wouldn't choose me


you do things I could never do


let everyone know your love

never let anyone judge you

and most of all

you are yourself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uhmmmmm... i have nothing to say... sooooooooo.

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