#legsman #titsman #assman #wholewoman



People ask me

if I’m an ass man

or a leg man

or a tit man


and I don’t really know

what they mean


Can’t I have a whole woman?

Am I really that bad

I can’t get a whole woman?

Only a part of a woman?


Geez, I better change

the odor eaters

in my sneakers


I don’t get it.

I’m sweet and sensitive

and attentive & compassionate


yet these guys

are trying to reduce me

to a mere part

of a woman

instead of a whole woman



maybe length really

does matter


or maybe,

 God forbid,

it’s just me

that’s so bad


but if I can

only have one part


I don’t want

the ass.

the legs,

or the tits.


It’d really be

a coin flip


the brain

or the soul.





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