People ask me

if I’m an ass man

or a leg man

or a tit man


and I don’t really know

what they mean


Can’t I have a whole woman?

Am I really that bad

I can’t get a whole woman?

Only a part of a woman?


Geez, I better change

the odor eaters

in my sneakers


I don’t get it.

I’m sweet and sensitive

and attentive & compassionate


yet these guys

are trying to reduce me

to a mere part

of a woman

instead of a whole woman



maybe length really

does matter


or maybe,

 God forbid,

it’s just me

that’s so bad


but if I can

only have one part


I don’t want

the ass.

the legs,

or the tits.


It’d really be

a coin flip


the brain

or the soul.





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Stephen's picture

I am with you on this one.

No writing about silk stockings with reinforced toes in your portfoloio.

georgeschaefer's picture

just miniskirts and high

just miniskirts and high heels

Stephen's picture


And with boobs hanging out her top.  But I still like them with a mind and sone subtle emotions,  the whole woman.

georgeschaefer's picture

beauty, brains and soul

beauty, brains and soul should be combined.  I had a healthy libido as a young man but even then, I still wanted a woman that could kick my ass with Schopenhauer or Stravinsky.