#lastnight #lastnightsdream #accidentalmurder



Last night’s dream

was really bizarre


an old childhood chum

committed an accidental murder

and was on the lam


I decided to be

a true friend

and help him escape


we were being chased

thru a warehouse

and skillfully hiding

and working our way

towards an escape truck


co-workers from

my past 5 jobs

were collectively

either trying to help

or trying to catch us


(hint: most of the bad guys

were managers

or wanna be Koch Brothers)


we snuck our way

thru soda machines

and clothing racks

till we found the back

of a truck that

were heading out of Dodge


there was a girl

I used to work with

crying over my leaving

there was a bed

by the gate exit

(hey, it’s a dream)


I felt horny

and wanted to do her

but the truck was leaving

so I put my lust aside

and made my escape


the truck turned

into a train

& when it stopped

we were in Germany

they were checking I.D.

so we bribed a guard

to get through


but then we were driving

in America

and everyone knew

I had been framed


We were folk heroes

on the lam

We ran into a girl

I sorta know

and she joined our cause—


then the alarm clock

roused me from this glory


I must admit

it was hard getting motivated

to go to work this morning




Author's Notes/Comments: 

That's what was on my mind that Valentine's Day morning nearly a quarter century ago.