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The Orchard

Just a thought!

Growing up in the Orchard, my cousins close at hand

Always running, always hiding, in this fruit filled parcel of land

Our days flew by under an Orchard sky, shortened only as darkness fell

My Aunt would holler, (Get in here boys),  as she rang that stupid bell.

We'd race to the porch and run inside with a trusty screen door bang

In the dead of night, and a spring too tight, it made a healthy clang.

Calling out, "it's dinner time", she'd shove a plate our way,

We'd force it down, (already full), from the apple fest that day.

Who wants dessert? Not us, we're full. She said... well give it a try

I looked at Jeff and Jeff looked at me...guess what, it's apple pie.

Our bellies full, unable to move, we called it an early night..

We'll dream among the apple trees, awaiting morning light.

                                     By Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Days of youth"

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