Heaven Calls

For my furkids

The heavens were dark and dreary,

God needed something to make them brighter,

Oh but what could brighten the day?

A new cat to run and play.

He looked down on the world

Not Just any old cat would do,

He wanted only the very best,

And one stood out amoung the rest.

His mommy had loved him and spoiled him well,

And he truly was the most beautiful cat of all

God knew she would be sad.

But this cat He just had to have.

So He took the weak into his heavenly arms.

He breathed life back into the dying,

He gave him a halo and a set of beautiful wings.

And then he spoiled him with all the heavenly things!

He gave him a cat tree taller than any before

He gave him an endless buffet of only the best foods

Then He tossed in the Catnip mice,

It really was very nice.

Now the heavens were bright and filled with love

There was Joy in the angel's songs,

There was laughter once more,

Something worth smiling for.

But his mommy weeped and could not see beyond the tears

The Earth was dark and sad,

Her cat would never come back to play,

Her heart and soul had went away.

She looked up at the Heavens,

She said a sad prayer"Lord, please watch over my kitty,"

"He truly was the best,"

He isn't like all the rest."

"His heart is made of gold"

"His soul is pure and sweet"

"I'm trusting him to you"

"I guess you needed a kitty and only the best would do"

"Time heals the wounds or so they say,"

"The years will pass And someday I will see him again"

"God, keep him safe for me"

"I love you, Kaidyn."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Kaidyn. He would have been 7 today

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