#just a wild little love story


Our bookstore is filled with stories…from the present to days of yore

Still some of the greatest stories never written walk in through our front door.


If you’ve read any of my poems you know I can be verbose…

I have a tendency to prattle…

But bear with me as this story begins 28 years ago

In a bookstore…in Seattle.


A young couple walked into that bookstore…so their story goes

and she had no idea that night…he was planning to propose.


Once inside the bookstore…they hadn’t gotten very far

when he noticed a book he loved as a child:

Maurice Sendak’s…Where The Wild Things Are.


She said she’d never read the story…and instantly he was shook…

for how could he marry a person who did not love this book?


So there in that old bookstore he made the wild things stir

as he sat down on that old floor and read that book to her.


And he knew by her eyes she loved it too…so that was the moment he chose

to tell her how much he loved her…as he got down on one knee to propose.


He offered her a life of wild things…wild things big and small

He said he wanted to spend his life with someone who would love him best of all.


Fast forward exactly 28 years to the day…when they enter our store…look up…

and what catches their eyes simultaneously…but two Where The Wild Things Are cups.


They show their daughter who rolls her eyes…then heads to the back of the store.

As they purchase the cups they tell me their story…one their daughter’s obviously heard before.


I smiled watching them leave the store…

thinking they’ve come so far…

from the moment their love began

28 years ago

in a bookstore

in Seattle

Where the Wild Things Are.

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