We were waiting to board a boat when I happened to be blessed

to come across a bench close by the ocean…

this bench was facing west.


With an inscription from a husband to his wife…

now obviously gone

It read ‘Judy, in “All Ways” the love of my life…

the author’s name was John.


The second line which was written,

I imagine, with no regrets

went on to read

‘Remembering the Joys of Love & Great Sunsets’.


I never knew this couple 

either together or after Judy was gone

I never had the good fortune 

of knowing Judy and John.


And though I never knew them I could see them 

sitting there…holding hands

watching the sun set into the ocean…

as its shadow crossed the sand.


And though I never knew them…

I think its amazing how

from an inscription on a bench they shared…

I kind of know them now.


As I reread the message John left Judy

I felt happy and a little sad…

For though I never knew them…


I kind of wish I had.

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