#joy #forever

Phoenix Wings


You wrap your arms round me like giant wings,

You protect me,

Youre there for me,

You care for me,

You love me,

I love you,

I care for you,

Im there for you,

I protect you,

You hold me in your wings,

As soft as a cloud,

Bright flame red and orange feathers,

I can feel your heartbeat,

I can hear your heartbeat,

Feeling your wings hold me tight,

I look into your eyes,

As blue as Neptune,

My fears and worries melt away,

I feel like im floating,

Your touch sends ripples across my skin,

Tiny little fiery sparks dancing,

You are my everything,

The air in my lungs feels so pure,

My senses overload when youre near,

You make my heart feel free,

Like it has wings too,

I would do anything for you,

I Love You My Phoenix!