I have moments I begin to think hatred and pain and suffering in this life are a given

Luckily in the next moment I’m reminded of what a wonderful world I live in.


Yesterday as sadness spread through the world like a virus how was I to know

joy would tap me on the shoulder in the form of: 

an old book, 

an old song 

and a forgotten TV show…


A young couple came into the bookstore not on a specific expedition 

but they found a book they both loved and had to have…it was a first edition.


They hugged then kissed as together they held onto that book

“Smile!” I said as with their phone their anniversary picture I took.


Next in the store came a mother…to her chest she was carrying her child

They stopped to say hello and when the baby looked at me…he smiled.


“His name is Malcolm.” his mother said and I could see innocence in his eyes.

He smiled at me every time they passed me and even as he waved goodbye.


For the last half hour we are open in the evening…I do this religiously

as a nice way to end the day…I play the same soft, smooth CD.


When it began to play this older couple came to me…

the wife’s eyes were filled with tears

“This is the song we danced to at our wedding!” She said ,

“and we’ve been married for 35 years!”


They lingered in the store a while, bought a book and were about to leave when…

I said, “Wait one minute. Happy Anniversary!”… and I played their song again.


A young couple a baby and an older couple reminded me of joy 

and left me feeling high

as they all, on their way out of the store, smiled and waved goodbye….


In case you were wondering what book, what song, what TV show

here’s the answer to that riddle

It began with A Clockwork Orange 

It ended with What a Wonderful World 

And the smile that brought such joy…


that was Malcom in the middle.

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