Softly but gently surges my mind,

Into the un-riddled world of emotion;

Sets me gracefully with uncontrollable notion,

Afar, it drifts to my dreamy land of ecstasy!


Infancy made me quite sober and mild; though

I got groomed by, the compassionate hands of care!

Childhood swung me into the enviable wheel of motion,

And I could toddle around within my physical boundaries.


Boyhood gave me the unfurling freedom of thoughts,

But couldn’t ponder and fly into my infinite world of dreams;

Manhood provided me the wings of liberty that I could stretch; but

I just flew away breaking all moral shackles to reach unseen lands.


What I couldn’t experience in childhood and boyhood,

As a grown up man, I came to be aware of; but got spilled over.

A heavily laden life-package with quite a few likes but with too many dislikes;

What unfolds and emerges in mind after all this is; life’s last riddle of life after death

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are born without our knowledge and the different stages of life make us do different things, knowingly or unknowingly (Birth, infancy, childhood, boyhood, manhood, dreams, likes, dislikes, mistakes etc.) and what worries man at the end is the the worry of life after death.