Our arms are a wonder of creation…

There are many reason why:

They allow us to touch our toes

to scratch our nose

and to pretend that we can fly.


They help us do a jumping jack.

shake hands when we’re interviewed…

They help us reach for things above our heads

and come in handy for grabbing food.


They help us raise our hands in prayer to our God

to show that we believe…

and think about it…

If we didn’t have arms…

what would we do with sleeves?


But I imagine the main reason our arms were created

is so when we open them wide

they can wrap around another person

once they step inside.


For where else do we feel safe, secure

totally free from harm?

Where else do we learn the power of love


If not wrapped in each others’ arms.

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The first time they held hands…

as they walked along the shore…

was when they began to understand…

what hands were created for.



The first time they hugged one another

felt like they had never hugged before…

it was then they began to understand


what arms were created for.

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What a beautiful gesture is the hug…a wonderful way to show

feelings of affection for those you do…and do not know.


The hug is universal…around the world it’s known…

but the funny thing about it…you cannot hug alone.


You need at least one other person…and you all must be prepared…

for a hug to work it’s magic…the hug has to be shared.


Hugs can work to calm us, to show our love, to ease our fears…

They can help to make us smile…they can help to stem our tears.


Lovers hug, parents hug, and what child doesn’t love to squeeze

Why I even have a friend of mine who loves to hug the trees.


A good hug is a gift…and when hugged one must respond

It unites the huggers together…forming a circle…creating a bond.


It’s a way of communicating without words…sharing a moment in the sun…

A way in that one moment for two people to be one.


Which makes me wonder…

With a hugs grace and broad appeal…with it’s beauty…

with it’s charms


I wonder if that’s not the reason…why we were given arms.

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