hanging tough

Solid love

Not my heart, never me.


I give you a caramel sweet.

It is wrapped in a layer of brown paper.

It promises bad breath,

Like the artificial flavours of love.



It will make your mouth water

like a lover.

It will make your reflection as sour as you.

I am trying to be free!


Not my love, never me.


I give you a caramel sweet.

Its gooey syrup will stick

on your lips

addictive and sickly

as we stay

for as long as we stay!


Take it.

Its slices of chocolate smooth into a rose petal.



its goo will melt in your hands

melt like our


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i am the scarecrow,

because i hold the scare,

i can be your fantasy

turned into nightmare,

i've been serrated and shattered,

my eyeballs are clocks,

they threw my brains in a trashcan,

and so i've stolen your thoughts,

my torso's in a lake somewhere

and my arms lit on fire,

oh, i don't want to be the scarecrow

but truth is, i'm just a liar,

i could run to you slow motion,

and walk along the ocean,

but poor me i'm deranged,

i could think i'd be winkin'

if my armpits weren't stinkin'

oh, i wish i had a brain!


wouldn't have to play the advocate

of these devils so dam* adamant 

if i only hadda brain!!! 



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