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A Beauty A Sleeping

She doesn’t want to listen

to the truth 


She doesn’t want to acknowledge 



writing him and his son off as

just some generic religion 


She doesn’t want to be held accountable,

she wants to “do what thou will”


I pray for her

because I care


I hope one day she will

come full circle 


and connect the dots



Stubborn she wants to live

in her agnostic bubble


and not be bothered like Jonah 

she wants to ignore


And fall into a deep sleep


I hope one day she will awaken 

before it’s too late

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The Wage of Sin

The wage of sin

the war against the flesh


The mind corrupted,

the temple desolated


Living death

rotting within


Unspeakable horrors

take place in secret


Hiding behind a curtain,

pulling the strings


Betrayed by a contract,

slave to damnation


Personality taken over,

soul evacuated


Conscience is murdered,

appearances are maintained 


Hiding in the darkness,

sleeping in the day 


Enemies of the sun

workers of inquity 


Pain their pleasure

Hell their heaven


Dead forever, 

Damned to perdition 


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in his




of god


The sorcerers 

attempt to mimic

and mock what has

taken place

but they are fools


"let my people go"

he says


Over and over


A simple request


But pharaoh will

not yield to the power of god


And so come the plagues

and the deaths


And all the unecessary



Moses wields the staff

and the wrath of god is unleashed



and again,


The might of god

comes down on the wicked


Blood is shed.

people die for their idols


But they will not save them

from god



holy warrior


Wielder of the



try's to warn pharaoh

but he will not listen


Until its too late!!!!



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God is Good




and lies

will be destroyed


False gods will cower

to the ultimate power


Jesus Christ will return

to take away his bride


The snake will be thrown

into the fire


The law and book will be thrown

at those who have defiled the children of



The truth of the bible

will be revealed


God is good

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Satanic masonic trash will be destroyed. Satan is weak. 

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Hatred of the Abominable

Hatred of the abominable ,

hatred of the perversion,


Hatred of evil,

hatred of secrets,


Hatred of sodom,

hatred of gomorrah,


Hatred of foreign gods,

hatred of idols,


Hatred of this world,

hatred of the mockery,


Hatred of the conspiracy,

hatred of the abominable,



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The demonic jehovah witness



Tries to spread their lies to thine



To take their contemptible demonic



But I ask them kindly

to 'get off my lawn"


In the name of the father,

the son and the holy ghost.





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False Shepard

The flock

is led to the slaughter


A false shepard steers

them to suicide


Marked with the tattoo of 666,

antichrist cometh


They turn their backs on god

and take his mark


Damning their souls

to the fire



and ever

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil , Speak No Evil

Satanic piece of crap

you infect my music,

my movies, my life


Satanic piece of crap

you try to decieve my eyes

to see into your evil


Satanic piece of crap,

you try to decieve my ears,

to hear into your evil


You to try to oppress my spirit

with your malevolence


Your try to get me to turn my back

on my god who has given me salvation


Satanic piece of crap

you need to die

and be cast into fire


Satanic piece of crap

you need to suffer

as you have made others


Satanic piece of crap,

may god have no mercy

on thine spirit. 






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