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In the Quiet

As the wind drifts by
So too does my love drift on
Like an ocean breeze waning back and forth
Or the sunsets kisses slowly saying goodbye


Love and it's infinite wisdom
Never ending in troubles and woes
But as soon as Fate takes hope away
Somehow it rekindles a spark again


As midnight says hello
And the owl yawns from slumber
Thoughts of who we are and what we've been
Creep up like winters silence


Dare we tread on icy ground?
And take risk in finding plunder?
Or are we satisfied to watch night and morning's love?


We among the wild, seem sorely out of place
For our hands and feet they bind us
To a creator who gives and takes away


The turning of tides find us
And washes our sins away
By the blood of someone's love for us
And who will surely come again


So as the days and nights fade in
And the world feels chagrin
We who keep watch of light
Will soon bring the beginning


So don't forget amongst the morn
That you hold thy lamp
Don't forget to light the world
When darkness is at hand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd really love any critique for this. This is for my mother's birthday that I will be putting in the middle of a collage I'm making. Any suggestions are welcome :)

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