Dont you ever give up

Dont you ever give up.      

sometimes you feel like lifes going beyond your sight
the darkness is surounding you long into the night
but with the coming dawn you still feel like an empty cup
and dispite the pain you whisper dont you ever give up
day by day you muddle on some days better then the one before
with bad days you feel like you cant even walk out that door
but then good days make you feel like youve done many pushup
trying not to fall apart you still whisper dont you ever give up
as the day draws to an end you realise your still standing tall
and thinking of all the bad and the good youve had over all
you know with all certainty that your not gonna letup
falling asleep you smile and are glad that you never ever gave up


Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem for my brother whos hurting beyong what i can fix, i hope he finds the peace he needs i love you brother


Zoey cup

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