One thing I love about memory 

is how a song, an aroma, or simply something that’s been said

can awaken a memory from where it rests and pop it in my head…


Our family noticed them on a walk…a young couple with their retriever…golden brown

we were walking up a hill while they were walking down.


As I stopped to pet their golden and we began to talk

I suddenly thought of Whitman, our golden, and how he loved to walk.


I scratched George, their golden, behind his ears…a tail wagging ensued

and I remembered how, when I scratched Whitman there…his tail would wag too.


I wondered why they named him George…and in my reverie

I remember how we named our Whitman after a bakery…


As I continued petting for a moment…right there and right then

It was as if I was petting Whitman and he was alive again.


Before they walked away I thanked the couple for sharing George with me

and I whispered into George’s ear…”Thanks for the memory”.


I watched them continue down the hill feeling glad that we had met

and I smiled because my memories of Whitman hadn’t finished yet.


Once his memories faded away…and returned to where they rest

I caught up to my family…feeling lucky…feeling blessed.


And in awe of how once they’re awakened…

even for a little while

memories can seem so real…


memories can make you smile

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