When our children were young our family of five was always willing and able

to sit, when it was time to eat, around one dining room table.


But children grow as do families and though each new addition we adored

there came a time when our table couldn’t accommodate our family anymore.


The solution to this problem…for a family on the grow

was to buy a little card table…to contain the overflow.


The plan was a simple one…one to which many families commit…

this new table is where the youngest members of the family would now sit.


This table is set up near the big one 

close enough for the youngest to hear and see

and dream of making it to the adult table when and if a spot comes free.


Even though I’m one of the oldest I decided as long as I am able

I would give up my cherished seat…and sit at the youngest table.


And this has been my spot at family dinners 

where for years I’ve enjoyed the show

watching our family come together…

watching our family grow.


Three things always happen from this unique perspective

much to my surprise…

The first: I get to see the world through my grandchildren’s eyes.


The second…and I can’t explain the who, what, why or when

but every time I sit at this table…I feel young again. 


And the third: since the youngest table sits a little lower

every time we sup…

when it comes to viewing my family…


I’m always looking up.

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