i hate you

you force out the worst in me
i become deplorable when we meet
i’m abominable for stooping to a deadbeat
my words take the form of white heat
with everything i say aiming to deplete
you of your happiness and will to thrive
because you don’t deserve it is what i decide
you brought this on yourself the moment your vice ossified
poor you to have angered the lawfully evil war bride
i can handle your perversion no matter how unjustified
but touch those i hold dear and you will be crucified
because one who would harm an innocent would be
shall receive no mercy from me
i gave you power with my command key
you relished at my state of being unfree
you called me weak when in actuality
you are the very definition of cowardly
so congrats! you’ve won the prize
of being the only person i love to despise
for my most famed trait is kindness
which you will never witness in your point of view
due to my vow of a shamelessly wicked attitude
you’re a lucrative lesson i must get through
but my God, i truly do hate you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know forgiveness releases you, but the rage feels so right.


It’s ironic how, when our heart’s been broken

we find it difficult to live

with the heartache we are feeling

making it impossible to forgive


How only when we release that hurt

and finally forgive

does our heart begins to heal

and we find it easier to live…


For we should always be defined

as we constantly transcend…

Not by how easily our heart can break

but how beautifully it can mend.

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The son hadn’t spoken to his father in years. 

too many words between them neither forgave

now he sits in silent sadness

seeking forgiveness at his grave.


Each one thought they would make up…some day

some day…

they thought…

some day…

but neither took the first step

and time slowly slithered away.


The son hadn’t spoken to his father in years

forgiveness…neither one ever tasted…

now he sits in silent sadness

regretting all the years that they had wasted.


It’s never too late they both thought to themselves

never too late to hold the other’s hand in his…

It’s never too late they both thought…

It’s never too late…


’til it is.

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Some people think forgiveness makes you weak…while others would agree

forgiveness doesn’t make you weak…forgiveness sets you free.


I recently read about a man whose faith in himself never quit

as he spent 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit…


Imagine his euphoria, his jubilation….his relief when he finally learned 

after 30 years on death row, his conviction was overturned.


After 30 years of heartbreak, of sadness, of frustration, grief and pain…

when he was released he could not wait to walk out in the rain…


For 30 years isolated, cooped up inside his prison cell…it is easy for one to see…

How he needed to feel the rain upon his face to know he was finally free.


When he was asked about the people who put him away…

about the hatred and rancor that had driven them…

He said without a touch of malice…I have long ago forgiven them.


If you wonder why when they took 30 years of his life

he isn’t angry… he isn’t blue….

to this he answers: If I stay angry and unforgiving…

they’ll take the rest of my life too.


To those who think forgiveness is a sign of weakness

people like Anthony Ray Hinton prove them wrong…

They prove beyond a shadow of a doubt…

forgiveness is the essence of the strong.


Forgiveness allows you to live free of animosity.

It allows you to move on past the pain.

It allows a smile to return again and again


every time you walk out in the rain.

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