i hate you

you force out the worst in me
i become deplorable when we meet
i’m abominable for stooping to a deadbeat
my words take the form of white heat
with everything i say aiming to deplete
you of your happiness and will to thrive
because you don’t deserve it is what i decide
you brought this on yourself the moment your vice ossified
poor you to have angered the lawfully evil war bride
i can handle your perversion no matter how unjustified
but touch those i hold dear and you will be crucified
because one who would harm an innocent would be
shall receive no mercy from me
i gave you power with my command key
you relished at my state of being unfree
you called me weak when in actuality
you are the very definition of cowardly
so congrats! you’ve won the prize
of being the only person i love to despise
for my most famed trait is kindness
which you will never witness in your point of view
due to my vow of a shamelessly wicked attitude
you’re a lucrative lesson i must get through
but my God, i truly do hate you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know forgiveness releases you, but the rage feels so right.