We have a tradition in our family…it’s as old as the wind…I’m guessing…

When a baby enters our world…the eldest member gives this blessing.


With the entire family gathered round…it’s a time for celebration

as this blessing is passed down to our newest generation:


May you grow up healthy and happy in a loving family

In a world that knows only of peace…where everyone is free.


May you be accepting of all people…and of all temptation…may you resist

and with every person of this world may you happily co-exist.


May you live to enjoy the seasons…winter, spring…summer and fall

May you respect the Earth and all her creations however great or small.


May you have success in life but realize you will fail too

and may you pick yourself up and try again…every time you do.


May you be surrounded by good friends wherever you may dwell

and may they know that you…are a good friend as well.


And finally may you grow up to be gentle, compassionate and wise

and may you always see the world through your innocent child eyes.


We’ve heard this blessing so many times we all know it by heart

We know every stanza, every rhyme, every sentence…every part…


And that is as it should be…for when we are the eldest at the celebration


It will be up to us to pass this blessing on…to our newest generation.

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