The Fog Of Semantics 1

A Fellow Creature


Bulldoze ranforests
Slaughter a lamb

Swat a fly
Targets terminate


Thin a herd
Hunt a bear
Harvest a deer
Wasp nests exterminate


Pacify a village
Drone 'terrorist' camps
Weed a garden
Mice eliminate.


Mow a lawn
'Cropdust' a field
Fell a tree
'Invasive species' eradicate.


Execute a prisoner
'Control burn' a meadow
Scotch a dandelion
Foreign leaders serially assassinate.


Club a seal
Butcher a pig
Boil a living lobster.
Locusts decimate.


Harpoon a whale
A butterfly impale
Vivisect a rat
A fish asphyxiate.


Stone an adulterer
Puppies drown
Cows down
Gay men decapitate.


Starve a people
Strangle a goose
Dartgun a manta ray
Ants annihilate


Electroshock an inmate.
Rendition an 'enemy'
Zap a dragonfly
By vaccination obliterate.


Fish 'catch' suffocate

Trim a bush

Squish a bug.

An adulteress lapidate*


Nuke Japan
Snuff the kittens
Polycidally bomb Iraq
A population liquidate.


Elephants poach

Squash a roach.

Prairie dogs dispatch

Bulls brand and castrate.


Ice a foe

drone a target

muzzle a child

a woman violate


An oyster shuck

Then shoot a duck

To torture is to 'enhanced interrogate'

To kidnap is to 'sequestrate'.


Trap a gopher

A butterfly impale

With waterboarding asphyxiate

In solitary men isolate


Masking words for kill..

meatmongers' and

war propagandists' skill.

"Euthanize" healthy dogs ..

their lives abbreviate.


Spray a beehive

prune a plum tree

With bombs immolate

The truth expurgate





a child violate


We all know the atrocities of Hitler. Fewer know that Churchill deliberately starved the Indian population of Bengal during WW2.


Jesse Ventura: Thou Shalt Not Kill is not asterisked with exceptions.


The US Dept of Agriculture and Dept of Interior often set 'control burns' which when the wind turns direction kill even more humans animals and plnats than intended.


*Lapidate... stone to death...punishmenet for adultresses but not adulterer


Here are some synonyms for 'kill': abort, ambush, annihilate, arson, bane, bloodlet, bloodshed, blot out, blue-pencil, bottle up, brain, bump off, burn, carry off, chloroform, choke, consume, cork, coup de grace, crucify, crush, cut down, cut short, damp down, deaden,  defeat, delete, denouement, deprive of life, destroy, devastate, dispatch, dispose of, do away with, do in, do to death, down drop the curtain, drown, electrocute, end, erase, euthanize, expunge, expurgate, extinguish, finalize, finish, finish off, game, get rid of, gill, give the quietus, hit, hurt, ice, immolate, kibosh, knife, knock off, KO, l make away with, martyr, massacre, mercy kill, murder, nail, neutralize, nip, nullify, occupy, poison, polish off, prey, purge, put down, put to death, put to sleep, quash, quell, quench, ravage, ritual killing, rub out, sacrifice, scrag, shoot, silence, slay, smash, smother, snuff out, squash, squelch, starve, stifle, still, strangle, strike, strike out, subdue, suffocate, suppress, switch off, take life, torture, turn off,  void, waterboard, waste, wipe out

This is dedicated to Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and other voices of governmental and personal nonviolence


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Semantics Of Animal Torture, Zoo Haiku

First Do No Harm





Language is often used to deceive.


Nefarious semantics is designed to hide the truth, just as abbatoirs
and animal research labs are hidden. It is a cruel synecdoche to call
cows 'head of cattle" They're not just their heads. The terms 'fresh
meat' and 'fresh fish' are oxymorons No cadavers are ever fresh. The
phrase 'Loaded for bear' projects hunting slaughter onto the 95% who
don't hunt. 'Killing 2 birds with 1 stone' is linguistic violence
promotion. Using 'beef up' as a phrase

for strength is a lie. Vegetarian animals, elephants, gorillas, oxen etc
are much stronger than carnivores .'Field dressing' is a euphemism for
skinning a just slain mammal. They are not packing houses but murder
houses. Some 'health' departments are even calling them 'disassembly
plants'. Not hunter green but hunter red, for the blood they shed. Not
coonhounds.. no deity designed a dog to tear apart raccoons. Deer are
not 'harvested' but killed. 'To human' is not a synonym for homicide.
Why is 'to fish' a phrase for suffocating innocents. They're not
clamdiggers. They're pants. Why is the identical disease called leukosis
in chickens and leukemia in people though it is transmitted to humans
by eating them. Why did they change cowpox to smallpox? To obscure the
role of animal flesh in disease causation. Why is it dogfood but
livestock feed? Not kangaroo court. No kangaroos try their fellows with
intent to execute them. They're not cattle futures. Cattle have no
future. It is profiteers who benefit from their subdivided corpses. It's
not pork but a pig cadaver. Not gravy but blood mixed

with flour, though it turns human bodies into graves. No herd is
thinned. No flock is culled. Why call it jerky. They've stopped jerking
when sufficient blood is drained.They are victims of zooicidal human
chauvinists. What is termed meat is the muscles of victims of our
species. An animal is not an it. Animals are he or she

Zoo Haiku

When the Cleveland Zoo
sent 'excess' animals
to Texas for a canned hunt
it was not euthanasia
nor zoothanasia...
it was murder.

The San Diego Zoo
sent primates to UC Davis
for research which would
kill them

A lone tiger lying
on concrete as
human crowds gawk
at him gets up and paces
back and forth back and forth
for hours in his 8 ft by 8 ft cage.

A polar bear died of
the heat at the Bronx Zoo.
He could not remove the
fur coat which covered him
from head to toe.

A hippo choked to death on a
tennis ball thrown into
his yawning mouth at the Detroit Zoo

Kadir the elephant
drowned in Prague as the
Danube poured into
his concrete 15 x 15?
20 feet below
ground level.

A Gaza zoo was overrun
by Israeli tanks while the
animals were in their cages.
Gazelles and other animals
were killed or suffered
broken backs and necks.

An elephant trumpets
in lonely despair

A monkey was beaten
to death at the Boise Idaho

At the Akron Ohio Zoo,
Easter bunnies and pet mice
brought to the zoo for sanctuary
by children
have been secretively fed to snakes.

Many zoos are secret breeding
centers as
vivisection supply houses
facilitating secret torture
of animals.

A Danish zoo killed the
'excess' lion cubs and

Dolphins deliberately killed
themselves, smashing their
heads against the small
tanks in which Navy research
teams trained them to
be explosives carriers etc.

Not all zoos protect the animals
from psychopathic children and adults
who seek to harm them with missiles
thrown at them, poison etc.



Zoos are concentration camps in which animals die of loneliness, boredom,
starvation, thirst, violence from gawkers, freezing, banking etc

A canned hunt is a hunt in which animals are fenced in behind for instance a 9 foot chain link fence while men seeking to prove their masculinity shoot at mammals like sitting ducks or fish in a barrel, 2 similes based on the absolute inequity of the massacre.

Thank you to Dick Goddard of Ch 8 Cleveland for having reported on the canned hunt transaction.
The abcmouse website advertised frequently on PBS promotes the animal slavery of zoos.


SYDNEY, Australia (AP) "A 7-year-old boy broke into a popular Outback zoo, fed a string of animals to the resident crocodile and bashed several lizards to death with a rock, the zoo’s director said Friday. "(When children see millions of cows, sheep and kangaroos being murdered, are they taught any different in the Outback?)

II ... act_lepore
Jill Lepore
re polar bear in the city zoo: “He had the smallest cage you ever saw,” she told me. “All night, he cried.”


III ... s#15774137

An Idaho man who admitted zoo to breaking into a Boise zoo last year and killing a monkey was sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday, court records show.

Michael W, in March pleaded guilty to attempted grand theft, a felony, and misdemeanor animal cruelty stemming from the break-in and beating death of the monkey at Zoo Boise in November.

IV Zoos: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone ... /zoos.aspx

July 8 2013

June 2016 Orca kills herself rather than be confined ... oro-parque

Re: Zoo Haiku
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When millions of civilians, adults and children, are burned or smashed by wartime bombing, the deaths of farm animals, pets and zoo animals, also casualties, receives little press

“The elephants gave spine-chilling screams. Their house was still standing but an explosive bomb of terrific force had landed behind it, lifted the dome of the house, turned it round, and put it back on again... The baby cow elephant was lying in the moat on her back with her legs helplessly reaching up toward the sky, suffering severe stomach injuries unable to move. The hippopotamuses were drowned when debris pinned them to the bottom of their water basin. In the ape house, a gibbon reached out to the trainer, only bloody stumps left of its arms. Nearly forty rhesus monkeys escaped to the trees but were dead by the next day from drinking water polluted by the incendiary chemicals. The next day, a U.S. aircraft pilot flew in low, firing at anything he could see was still alive...

bombing of Baghdad Zoo


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