There is a Cherokee proverb that can lead to our success or our downfall

It tells of how there is a battle of two wolves inside us all.


One of those wolves is evil…an evil wolf who cries

for ego, anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority…and lies.


The other wolf is good…and throughout our life…in our maturity or our youth

cries out for joy, peace, love hope, humility, kindness empathy…and truth.


For every individual, every one of us,…the Cherokee concede

the wolf who wins the battle…is the wolf we choose to feed.


I believe our country is facing that same battle…

two wolves are vying for our heart…

I believe one wolf wants to bring us all together…

while the other wants to tear us all apart.


It’s time to cast our vote for the wolf we want to lead…

It’s time to look into our hearts and decide which wolf we’re going to feed.


I see this election as a battle for our soul, for our country…

for our democracy….

and now I sit and wait and hope…

a majority of people are feeding the same wolf as me.

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I wonder if our president and everyone who hates have any idea why they hate  or where their hate originates.


Did something happen to make them hate? Is it something they can elucidate?


When did this hateful point of view come to permeate all they say and do?


Is hate like a cold…something they once caught or was it from their parents…taught?


If we were born to love why did they depart…when did hate engulf their hearts?


Do they understand when animosity and malevolence they create it empowers other people to loathe and hate?


And when they think about it wouldn’t they find it odd that they’ve linked their hatred with their God?


For if God is love as all religions teach then wouldn’t all God’s everywhere our love beseech?


And those who stand behind a president who hates…who do nothing as he vituperates?


who cheer and encourage him…all those who applaud…I have to wonder…where is their God?


It sickens and saddens many of us to see this hate and we can no longer sit on our hands and wait.


It’s time to put our country back on track…to defeat this evil…we must fight back.


And the first part of the antidote is to go to the polls in November…and vote!


There may be no way to eliminate hate…of this I have no doubt 

No… we may not be able to eliminate it…


but we can can sure as hell vote it out.

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