Haqueian Verse


Occurs suddenly,

Destroys many things,

Breaks hearts giving,



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Earthquake is like that murderer,

Who kills the victims suddenly,

Even before the people can realise its being there,

Appalling destruction is done already!


Earth quakes since it has to,

But the innocent human lives are at stake,

Why does nature turn cruel so?

Why can’t earth stop quaking for god’s sake!


Whenever earthquake users its presence,

Millions of populace lose their existence.

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Shift up, Shift down

You shift up, you shift down

Once were you there,

Now hither you are

Slow moving over time,

Moving fast in instances


The dread falls upon

Everyone you knew

Then your still,

And everything you threw

Is but real


But the delight,

Brings you back to light

And then again,

You shift up, you shift down

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