“Mommy, do you believe in angels?” Her daughter asked one night as her mother tucked her into bed.

Her mother smiled, then sat down next to her…”I do believe”, she said.


“I believe in angels you can see…and even those you can’t. 

I believe angels are here to protect us…I believe angels can enchant.


I believe angels are sent down to us from somewhere up above.

I believe they have one purpose…and that’s to love, to love…to love.


I believe angles are easy to recognize…you’ll know them at first sight

for though they often try to hide their wings they cannot conceal their light.


Angels are the ones who stop, who smile, who listen, who lend a hand, who share

I believe once you start looking for them…you’ll see angels everywhere. 


And I believe when we need them most that’s when angels will astound us

because it’s in those moments whether we see them or not…we feel their wings around us.


I believe an angel came to me…although it’s been a little while now

who helped me believe in miracles when I’d forgotten how.


Yes, I believe in angels…I believe there’s one here now…

and I believe she’s you…”

“Count again.” her daughter said before descending into sleep …

because I believe there’s two.

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