Buttercup Chalice

Flowers Sunspun


Holds the morning dew

the chalice of the buttercup

She gives communion to

all bees who come to sup.



a miraculous chalice which refills

with dew for each who fly in





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Trees On Here (First Haiku, ca. '19)

Trees On Here (First Haiku of 2019)


Raindrops have been drained

Taking things with it on earth

Life demystified

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a first ever attempt at composing a "haiku" (a Japanese poem/poetic style or form, described as traditionally evoking nature—according to my mobile device's built-in definition).  It is, in fact, my first ever haiku this year (the year 2019).  The poem was meant to be an affected poem, since it was originally done with little clue about the Japanese mindset & was considered to be a practice poem batched with another similar poem (my first ever "tanka" composition: Trees In The Green).  The motivation for it was neither considered meaningful nor entirely meaningless, also (to be quite descriptive about its neutralist view of the whole process).  Not meaningful in that the metaphor might not really consist a significant/insignificant part among the majority of my entry posts; but just by virtue of, admittedly, trying to make this type of a poem for its objective praxis.  Therefore my compositional skills is on its experimental stages.  Please kindly bear with me.

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Oh the bloom
sparkling with dew
refused to the bee
to say "I do"
but instead
without much ado
after he'd bibbed
the nectared dew
she bid him a
kind and a sweet adieu

-saiom shriver-

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Mother Earth
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To the blooms say the bees
"How do you do?"
Then they buzz and they do
to take nectared dew
Next to blooms say the bees
 "We must bid you adieu."

-saiom shriver-

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