Let the darkness fall like a veil over me,
Welcomed safety in cold covered night be,
As warm as the being is wrapped in my thighs,
The ice living disguised within heatedly despised,
Longing the eternal flame to thaw my soul in vain,
Hope sprung forth slight encounters capture my disdain
The unrelenting heist the hostaged heart's writhing pain.
Oh darkness come, cover me a veil of freedom
Let me be in my lovers grace in my minds kingdom,
Protected entrapped 'er I go, time, space, place, in between,
No hope, no place, no time for soul love to redeem,
but oh for the moments veiled in darkness
The respite of gentle loving glints heartens,
I am free of sight and bound by thought,
Living through the day brings effort for naught,
In the dark my lover can't see my lying eyes,
In the dark my heart can let go the sighs,
Pouring out the love in the unconcious mind,
Free to sleep, to dream true loves peace find,
To be all and feel all that love doth binded,
Transcendent, unconditional, supernatural, unblinded,
I am with you in the unending light,
Farewell my soul love till we meet forever, in the endless night.

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