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"They're Here"










Inverted sexual



Lies and



A mockery of



A disgrace to the






Hatred of god;

lucifer's children





New world






Mockery of god's



Servant's of the beast;



knowing nothing but



They despise what is natural

and delight in what is vile


These baphomets;

these monsters


"They're here"


Their everywhere


"Ye shall know them by their



Like witches casting spells

on your mind


Using handsigns,

masonic garbage


"They're here"


To send you straight to






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Soul Eater

Eating your soul:

saturn style


Feeling your pain

and your failure


Consuming you,

destroying you



your DNA


Making you my



Pulling your strings;

you can't escape the pull


Into my black hole you go;

the abyss always waiting for you


No one knows you as I,

no one can feel your pain


Be mine forever and

I will make you feel better


Lifting the spell,

opening your eye,


You can't the escape the darkness,

accept that you are blind







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The Inhuman Race

An Inverted

race of abominations


I try to wake you up

but you won't listen


No end in sight,

to their suffocation


A virus,

which has infected the host population


All around they are,

these fallen stars


I try to tell you about the bible

and the devil


But you won't listen


They sublminally attack your mind

with their handsigns


Putting you under a spell;

these witches


I try to open your eyes,

but you refuse to see


You've been decieved

but you think you have the answers


These people,

aren't people


Wearing the skin

like a suit


Inside a monster



Their eyes go white



Smiling through their teeth,

flipping their tongues like a snake,


Wearing the skin like

a suit,


Hiding in 

plain sight,









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Horrified and Disgusted

Lady man,


throw up 

in mouth



with a vagina;




Eyes aren't fooled

any longer


Completely horrified by this reality


Wash out my eyes with bleach


Forgive me god for my sins



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Do Not Bear False Witness

A church

that falsely

beared witness

for thousands of 



That killed millions

of innocent people,

women and children

with its "inquisitions"


A horrible, demonic,

institution that still rules

today and practices abominations


The Roman Catholic Babylonian church,

that abomination that genocided millions

of europeans for hundreds of years


This monstrosity that continues to falsely preach

in the name of god, whiles its blasphemous pope

throws up the signs of the baphomet


Ir's blasphemous pope who calls himself father,

who wrongly bears the name of god,

while serving his master lucifer from hell




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Blood Sucking Vampires

These vampires

suck your blood


And you wllingly

give them your time

and money


These vampires,

who who can't handle the light


These Feeble minded fools who hide

like cowards behind walls of lies


The holy spirit their destruction and end,

they will know the pain of his eternal wrath


They will wish they were never born,

they will beg for mercy from the fire


These vampires, who no longer be able to hide,

from god who will put out their eyes


I pray for their destruction in the fires of hell

and the liberation of gods bride once and for all







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Masters of Disguise

Men disguised
as women


Women disguised

as men


Masters of deception,

evil incarnate


Research their lies


I don't need to tell you

the obvious


Its not hard to see

what is right in front of your face


But many of you don't want to see

and many of you can't handle the truth


So you continue to let them 

cast spells on your feeble mind


and continue to let them deride the truth of christ,

falling into your narcoleptic state,


hypnotized, you can't see down from up,

you can't see left from right


Blinded by this evil,

in chains to deception


Slave to lies,

bitten by the venom of a spider


Trapped in the web,

one can only pray for your release


And your acceptance in the freedom of god,

and the liberation of his words

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I hope you die


You deserve

the hate


Your kind does nothing but



Your a disgrace to god,

your whole life is blasphemous,


You deserve to be exposed,

deserve to be judged


Your a liar and a cheater;

your an abomination


You may have my skin color

but you aren't human


Your a tare, a deception,

an infiltrator, an inverter



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"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God." - Deuteronomy 22:5 KJV


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I'll See You in Hell

In hell,

i'm there


you day

after day

after day


Making you pay

for all your crimes


Making you suffer,

making you squeal


Bringing you back to life

and killing you again and again


Ripping out your eyes,

cutting off your tongue


Setting you on fire,

cutting off your arms


Torturing you over and over,

making you pay


Bashing your brains in,

getting my revenge


Punishing you,

judging you


In hell I burn,

there I shall you see you


Making you drink the lava,

making you breathe the poisonous gases


Punishing you,

destroying you


Making you relive it again and again,

begging me not to put you down like a dog




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