The Inhuman Race

An Inverted

race of abominations


I try to wake you up

but you won't listen


No end in sight,

to their suffocation


A virus,

which has infected the host population


All around they are,

these fallen stars


I try to tell you about the bible

and the devil


But you won't listen


They sublminally attack your mind

with their handsigns


Putting you under a spell;

these witches


I try to open your eyes,

but you refuse to see


You've been decieved

but you think you have the answers


These people,

aren't people


Wearing the skin

like a suit


Inside a monster



Their eyes go white



Smiling through their teeth,

flipping their tongues like a snake,


Wearing the skin like

a suit,


Hiding in 

plain sight,









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