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a Tranny,

a liar,

a fraud,



a witch,

a sorcerer,

a manipulator



a gatekeeper,

a confuser,

a gaslighter



a devil,

an inverter,

a fraud


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The Grim One

Drag you to hell

with chains wrapped

out your neck


Clawing at the ground,

you try to hold on

to your life


Serving the devil,

it's in my contract;

enforcing the laws of darkness


Wicked one,

you knew this was coming,

the day of your reckoning


Horsemen of the apocalypse,

bringer of your pain,

I take you to your final destination


Black spot of death I deliver,

curse on you forever;

it's in my contract


Rider of hell,

for eternity;

skull burning, eyes of hatred


I damn the wicked,

and they reap what they sow;

time is up; the grim one comes.





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Hatred of the Vile

Hell on earth,

hell below,


Hell in the heart,

hell in the mind


Fires in my eyes,

hatred of all life


These thorns which crown me,

always the bleeding on my head


Never any rest from their persecution;

and their condemnation of the truth


Attacked from all sides;

They try to suppress what is true


But the light shines through,

either way they lose!!!!


Damned to the pit;

there they belong


My hatred burns for them,

as they bursts into flames


They cry out for my hand,

but I mock them in their torment!!!


Enjoying their suffering,

enjoying their punishment!!!!








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What abominations

grace our screens today?


What foul beasts

flaunt themselves?


Constantly reminded of their stench,

these mutants: these genetic freaks


Surrounded by their web of lies,

we have to live in this hell


With the knowledge of evil


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The Abomination of Desolation

Destestable abominations,

walk among you

hiding in plain sight


Practicing the heathen

religions of the baphomet


Mocking god with their incantations

to their idol


Defiling themselves in sin,

becoming reprobrate


Deriding what is moral

and true with their lies



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Behind the curtain

Led astray 

you are destined for the grave


Decieved from birth,

like sheep led to the slaughter


Bowing down to your masters,

knowing not their origin


Carrying your weight,

trying to survive,


Thinking not much of,

what goes on behind the curtain


Slowly being poisoned, more and more

you weaken


And they continue to slither into your nests

preaching their message


In a constant state of fear you believe

what you hear


Looking for someone to save you from



Bowing down to your masters,

who are but slaves to their fate. 




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Adam's Apple

A world of lies and deception

a world of inversion and



From the beginning of time it

was always like this,

when Adam first sinned and allowed

his blood to be infected by the Snake's



From then on,

man became a slave to spiritual parasites

only when Christ was born

was man given the choice to be free from

ths sickness

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The Malevolence

Malevolent entities

behind the scenes

feeding on our fear

feeding on our pain


Malevolent entities

decieving us all,

mocking our god,

perverting his word


Malevolent entities

full of hate,

raping our women,

creating abominations


Malevolent entities,


creating chaos,

mocking the cross



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Betware of Demons. Only Christ can free you from their evil.

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Hell World

We live in a world turned upside down,

a reality that is opposite from what it was

intended to be


A world where evil is called good

and good is called evil

where wrong is right and

right is wrong


A world of demons and mockery,

a world of lies and faud,

a reality of rulers,

a reality that is false


Satan's playground,

 a prison for your soul

to keep you away from the promised land

of the holy spirit



they will mock the cross

and deny the resurrection,

so they can keep 

you in this hell world

as their prisoner








Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is hell. This is the prison.

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