A Revolution

A protest against wrong, 

with all the comrades along, 

a blaze in the hearts,

and hands playing darts, 

it is a revolution. 


Steps travelling for miles, 

and faces with smiles, 

hearts with determination, 

fulfilling the obligation, 

it is a revolution. 


A combat for truth and rights, 

many small and big fights, 

confrontation with failure, 

and rising up with a cheer, 

it is a revolution. 


Dying for own people, 

and hearts with happy ripple, 

so much they are nerveless, 

and as always they are fearless, 

it is a revolution. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For soldiers... 


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It was a matter of millimetres

When I hit the ground 

I got a mouthful of sheep shit

As I heard that `crack` sound

It had your name on it

It should have been mine

But I will never forget you

My Geordie mate from the Tyne

You were only eighteen 

Forever will you remain

Every year I will come and visit

Have a drink just the same

Il will meet you soon in Valhalla

You will see this old man

Take the piss have a laugh

Like when you beet me up Pen y fan

Here have the last of my brandy

As it soaks in your grave

Il wipe away a tear

Green light on…….bye Dave.


© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The  differnce between living and dying on the battelfield,a matter of centimeters.

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