Thoughts And News About Harming Other Beings

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Organoids, organs-on-a-chip, the Ames bacteria test, computer models..some of many nonviolent, safer, more effecitve, much less expensive, much less inaccurate
alternatives to animal torture research.
China (20.5 million) Japan (15.0 m), US (15.6 m),  Canada (3.6 m), Australia (3.2 m), South Korea (3.1 million), the United Kingdom (2.6 million), Brazil (2.2 million), Germany (2.0 million) and France (1.9 million),  #s are of experiments.. #s of animals killed much higher
Religions teaching animals have no souls have adherents more likely to objectify and to harm animals, eating , researching on, riding them, using them as beasts of burden, as objects of entertainment, etc. Neither Jesus nor his disciple Francis of Assisi have converted many in the Catholic hierarchy, Eastern Orthodox, or Christian pastors.
Leather from any animal, fur from any animal, wool, silk...all involve cruelty to animals and are avoided by vegans.
Silkworms are boiled alive. 3000 silkworms have a hideous death for 1 lb. of silk
Thalidomide was tested on dogs and did not indicate problems.. Researchers were unaware of phocomelia (no development of limbs). Approximately,10,000 children were born with malformed or no limbs.
Caffeine (dioxypurine) is bad for heart, kidneys, pancreas and eyes. Imagine how much worse meat's uric acid (trioxypurine) is. The tannic acid in teas is also injurious.
In a life previous to his life as Buddha, he came across a starving tigress and her 2 cubs and laid down in front of her
sacrificing himself, said Sai Baba   6
All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can y ou hurt? Buddha
Eating animals, leading cause of pandemics, species extinction, ocean dead zones, death in the West from human diseases, animal agony, energy waste, water depletion and pollution, climate crisis, habitat loss, human starvation in poor countries
low per acre food yield, rainforest and other forest destruction
Coors, Chrysler, Wrangler, several banks, sponsors of brutal rodeo Calves' necks choked some broken in brutal roping. Horses hurt, cowboys injured, outcome of cow murder business Coke says it doesn't sponsor rodeo. SHARK disagrees. horrible graphics
Marjery Glickman has worked many years opposing the Iditarod. PETA, she and others have caused
Exxon, Jack Daniels, Wells Fargo, Chrysler, Alaska Airlines to drop sponsorship of the brutal race which has killed 150 dogs since the race began in 1973.  Iditarod dogs are jerked & twisted in chains, fall into chasms, drown in freezing water, get frostbite paws, are driven unmercifully, break legs etc
A 36-year-old doctor in Tennessee died Feb. 8, about a month after receiving the second dose of a #COVID vaccination.
A Florida doctor died shortly after the vaccine. Hank Aaron died 17 days after he was vaccinated.
Kary Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize for his invention of the PCR test, said the test was wrongly used in covid testing, that it would give many false positives (resulting in the term 'asymptomatic'. He asked several to debate him and they declined. In an interview he stated he'd received the formula for PCR while in a dream state.12
Swine flu side effects were so bad children became like schizophrenics.
Humane Society of the US 2020 scorecard on animal rights legislation. Which senators and representatives are the
best, the worst, and those in the middle.
Which states use
most dogs in lab experiments?
5 things to know about bear bile prisons in China. the extraction of the bile is very painful. Vietnam
outlawed such bear bile prisons in 1991.
90% of bird species are monogamous.  PETA
Brazilian JBS, world's largest slaughterer of cows, also cruelly kills pigs and chickens. There is no humane slaughter but some abbatoirs are even worse than others. JBS bought Pilgrim's Pride.

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How Do Chickens Die? Let Us Count 16 Of The Ways

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How do chickens die? After reading this, many would conclude the best way to prevent this
is to stop giving butchers a profit motive for slaughter by no longer eating chickens or eggs.

1. In San Diego baby males were sent alive through a wood chipper.
2. In Iowa on a conveyor belt they are sent alive into a crusher
and come out as paste.
3. On many farms they are strangled to death.
4. In many places they are dropped into eviscerators, metal tubs full of swirling knives.
5. At one major fast food chain, some chickens died of scalding while alive.
6. On loading docks at many private corporations, airlines, USPS and other places
the chicks are crushed in flimsy cardboard boxes, Senator Grassley
having removed all the humane protections and having classified these chick males
as commercial mail. His bill was signed into law. Recently as the US mail was slowed
and overtime limited by the Republican administration, many more animals were dying
on the loading docks.
7. Some die of thirst
8. Others in factory farm electricity outages die of freezing or of baking.
9. Some die in ritual religious sacrifices.
10. Some are dropped into the street as boxes slip from cranes, for instance in Salisbury Maryland. These are run over by cars bikes buses and trucks.
11. At some universities, corporations, and tax supported USDA torture centers
they are researched upon.
12 Most are clipped upside down onto conveyor belts and their throats slit.
13. Some chickens molt too soon. Their feathers drop away and they freeze
to death.
14. On farms, helpless chickens caged and captive, are prey to foxes, coyotes, etc
who kill them.
15. Transported in trains, trucks, they are often crushed in traffic accidents.
16. Captive in metal cages inside metal factory farms, they have often been crushed by hurricanes and tornadoes. Some as in Ohio have been bulldozed into the ground
alive and covered with dirt.

How do chickens suffer?
1 When they are debeaked, their tongues sometimes catch in the debeaker.
2. When they are caged in factory farms, they spend their lives unable in
many instances to spread their wings. Sometimes nine are crammed into
a one foot by three foot cage.
3. Sometimes their claws grow around the wire mesh on which they stand
and they are unable to move.

Many Republican attorneys general sued the states of California and Massachusetts which had adopted laws for bigger cages in which the birds could spread their wings and turn around. Senator Hawley was a coordinator of one of the lawsuits. Both efforts to interfere with humane legislation were defeated. (There are several reasons to oppose each of the duopoly political parties.)


Eggs account for half of the annual food poisoning fatalities. Eggs have an average 250 to 300 milligrams of brain, heart and other artery blocking fat. When a chicken has cancer, it is called leukosis instead of leukemia, but one can contract cancer by eating an infected chicken. Some slaughterhouses practice excising a visible tumor and sending the rest of the cadaver through. There is no testing for cancer or other diseases in birds. It is only after people get sick and/or die that recalls occur. Salmonella, listeria are 2 of the diseases of chickens. Each egg takes many gallons of water in production.

After reading this, many would conclude the best way to prevent this
is to stop giving butchers a profit motive for slaughter by no longer eating chickens or eggs  Of PCRM's 150,000 members, 12,000 are vegan, vegetarian or vegan supporting physicians.


Chicken Haiku: A List Of Factory Farm Atrocities



In Connecticut, Michael Ross

who strangled 8 women was


.. his history included as a 6 year old

boy being required to strangle baby

chicks on his father's poultry farm


In Arkansas, a million chickens

died as the electricity went out

and the metal sheds became

140 degree ovens. Whenever

electricity goes out, deaths from

freezing or baking occur to the

helpless birds.


The headquarters in Louisville

of perhaps the world's largest

bird genocide operation, |

Kentucky Fried Chicken



Ralph Nader's group reports

Agrigeneral is selling

6 month old eggs. Unions

report the use of child labor

by Agrigeneral. Ohio Wesleyan

biology surveys report salmonella

and nicotinic insecticides

in the streams around Agrigeneral.


In Newport News, a little woman

chicken's head was severed and

came out whole as a McNugget


Senator Grassley successfully

removed minimal animal protection

for chickens, so that baby chicks

were classified as mail, crushed,

baked, frozen, dying of thirst on loading docks.

Mercy For Animals has

a video of baby chicks

sent alive down a conveyor

belt to be crushed into paste.



Cars are lined up behind

a chicken truck.. chickens

crammed into crates

their broken necks and wings

flapping in the wind.


Factory farms

buy older laying


Every egg represents

32 hours the mother

was held captive in a cage.


In North Carolina and factory

farms around the world,

these concentration camps

dump animal waste and

insecticides into the

world's waters.


Chickens are fed back

the boiled feathers of

their slaughtered sisters.


Chickens are fed

as elsewhere.. the

waste of animals

mixed in with grain.

It is called wastelage.



The debeaking of chickens

so that they will not peck

each other to death from

the overcrowding.. sometimes

catches the chicken's tongue

in the debeaker.


At some factory farms

an eviscerator is used.

It is a bin of swirling knives

into which baby boy chicks,

redundant, are sent.



Every egg requires 120 gallons

of production water.


Most eggs served in a hospital

is 250 mg to 300 mg of



Fixing eggs for her family

a housewife sees a skillet

full of beaks, claws,

and blood.. from fertilized



Eggs amount for

a large percentage of food

poisoning cases.


Chickens are given cattle

parts..a practice which generates

Mad Chicken Disease.



An old man lies in pain

with arthritis, as uric

acid or trioxypurine from

a chicken's flesh has

crystallized around his joints

in needle formation


Flies are sent by God

to process the biblical

plague of chicken waste

in factory farms.


Forced molting causes

many chickens to die

of exposure to the cold.


The use of female hormones

in the food and the

constant stress from living

in 24 hour a day light

and crowding.. create cervical, breast,

uterine, ovarian and prostate cancers


Easter chicks for protection

are ignorantly taken to

the zoo.. and are fed

behind the scenes to snakes



Ronald Reagan passed legislation

to double the speed of slaughterhouse

lines.. dead chickens whiz past



The CDC approves

huge multinational pharmaceutical

vaccine contracts for Aventis Pasteur

Glaxo Smith Kline and others.. vaccines

cultured in eggs cause new diseases.


The CDC records a fraction of

food poisonings, 97% of which

are caused by animal products


Fish in rivers and lakes

show sexual deformities

as factory farm urine containing

female hormones pervades waters.


and 3 other states shut down chicken

slaughterhouses in latter 2003

because of declining command.


As a young girl begins to bite

into a chicken sandwich her mother

is forcing her to eat, a rooster

crows. She puts down the sandwich

and never eats a chicken again.


Power outages cause

chickens in winter

to freeze to death

in their metal death boxes.


A woman neighbor to a factory

farm said the chickens she

raised used to sing when

they were given fresh straw.

The chickens she lives near

she says.. never sing.


A man is barred from

farming because workers

in his chicken factory farm

nearly died from his illegal

use of nicotine insecticide

and because of his cruelty to



Chinese government

worked to double egg production

which required the grain of

18 countries.

-saiom shriver-


Art Margolis wrote that every factory farmed egg is an average 32 hours in a jail for a chicken crammed into a 3 ft by 1 ft cage with perhaps 8 other birds. Each egg represents 120 gallons of production water and an average 250 to 300 milligrams of cholesterol.

Stephen Colbert on the poultry industry attempt to make chicken cages smaller

The Meat Mob Muscles In

Chinese man says KFC worker unsanitary

TOXIC VACCINES which kill people are developed on eggs.

Eggs account for nearly half of the 97% of food poisoning fatalities

which are related to animal products.


. mad chickens

. cattle parts

. leukosis

. ecoli

. uric acid

. salmonella through shell hell

. industrial accidents

. kinds of food poisoning

*Michael Ross asked forgiveness before being executed in Connecticut.

Any of us who have ever eaten eggs from a factory farm

are responsible for the suffering in these





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