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The morning Joshua went home to Heaven

Of course i was pissed, I woke up to this

What was that morning's breakfast? A warm beer and cold dish

so, still in the incubator, I shook my fist,

little did I know, this would be my first real fight night

To make matters worse, I looked over and didn't see my brother

banging on the incubator until I saw a nurse, listen sexy

the small baby next to me, where is he?

Oh, mister Pike, if I remember right he's with your mother, 

I have a message for my little brother, give him a hug and kiss from me

tell him I love him, I can't wait to see him again, we've been through thick and thin, he's my 1st real friend, without him, I won't make it through this

if he doesn't come back, I may never mend

I have a whole in my heart, circumstances tore us apart

I guess that's part of why I named my son

after all only you and I know what we went through

is an eternal twin connection actually true?

So, that was my morning on April 29, 1981

Of course I was pissed when I woke up to this

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My Dream Wish(I guess this could be I song I think ??)

When I close my eyes 

I see you standing there

with your arms open wide.

You're waiting for me on the

other side.


When I close my eyes 

I see us all together 

once again as my brothers,

because my wish is to 

see you again.


Befor I die 

I want to hold you again

I'm wishing for you.


When I close my eyes

I see my brothers 

with their arms open wide.

waiting for me and my sister 

to come to them.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my 2 brothers that I have not seen in 7 years and wish to see them again sometimes I wake up from nightnamres about them fading away and I never saw them again

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