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Thorns have arisen, 

dragons have slept in my house


The castle is seized,

the battle is fought 


warfare against



Dream like states

of nightmares



A soul that is 



Bullets are running out 

the enemy is closing in


But the light destroys

what is wicked


My faith obliterates like 

a nuclear bomb 


The vampires flee

from the light of the cross


I pray for his protection

and he is Wrathful


They flee like cowards 

into the darkness 


My faith is 

my shield 



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Author's Notes/Comments: 

john carbrio

What's Your Pleasure Sir?

Sex is a stale image,

something that has become meaningless


pure objectification is nihillism,

because your scooping out the contents inside


your settling for the base sensation which doesn't last

long compared to the dissatisfaction


what are pleasures can be?

surely there must be more then sex and alcohol?


Sure there must a pandora's box of hidden secrets

which could satisfy the mind for eternity



we work often for pleasures that are not worth us?

dish out our money on entertainment that is not worth its weight


and repeat the process all over again


all just to be bored right

back at square one


devoid of newness and discovery

a life inside of a bubble


where everything is too easy

and where emotions have become parodies of what used to authentic


A reality that has become nothing:

a hollow gord which whistles on and on in the wind


I experience what you are;

a star that has exploded;


forever we exist



like dust we float

in the void


Looking for a treament:

to be reivented


 Into something else