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Step Off

Step Off






homeboy got capped in the knee


out in the streets


let the truth be told


where as years ago


with Grandmaster P


he was born in the gutter


his momma was a whore


selling her junk in the trunk


in back of the liquor store


screaming more more more


raised my his aunt named Mable


feeding her dog Rex underneath the table


as time went by so very fast


having every reason to ask


the spin off the hook was the great climax




in time he learned to relax


to bask in the vast expanse


cause he got the hook up


two turn tables with a mic


sold a lot of weed to get that sweet


getting he ass kicked in a neighborhood bar


still spinning records the best he can


"Step off" with his reply whenever he was tested


his life reflected a reason to believe in rap


a willingness to achieve


that was until a gang banger put a bullet through his head


shot him dead so they thought


now he was in a hospital bed face full of lead


there he suffered in complete silence


amidst all the pain & violence


tubes in his veins lying there dead


then came a pulse


next a heart beat


his eyes suddenly opened


folks thought he was only joking


came fully to his senses


with eyes twitching




spoke his first words, "Step Off"


then we all knew he was alive and kicking


then he gazed at the streets looking for the one that did this


instead of violence he sought forgiveness even to the thug that struck him down


Master B was right back in the studio


rapping & capping


he found love as a sure fire way to go


that was years ago so today he still preaches to the masses


always teaching on love and his free passes


"Step Off" is still his slogan but he's got a new boss now


can't turn back when your hands on the plow




Silent Mourning

Silent Mourning




the bitter quest for a heart that is in unrest through tough times we go


my flesh has a bitter taste raptured through the aura of vain unrest


all of life is a test getting behind the squeeky wheel thinking to yourself


in visions cascading through the very fiber of my existence join in the resistance


come on and take a chance at which permeates fresh thoughts within


a soul is reckless if not found it wanders through corridors vast intense


love has gained it also has lost in humanites heaviest of cost


when I sleep at night I see your face I can't go on without your love


in a dream my love you will find my heart to make a fresh start


all for the inner hope of what you have been living for


we grasp for straws only to find a reason for believing in the changing of the season


without any reason let's climb toward destiny's ladder without any falter


to begin to prepare are hearts for the great here after




Silent mourning with tears in my eyes traveling through a vast domain


not having you in my arms is driving me totally insane


love is the essence of my inner existence through the duration of time


take hold of my hand and you will understand to find a peace that passes all understanding


real love is developed over time in needs to be challenged with tests


without growth the soul will fold amidst the over load


a challenge to be free is a question of time


two souls in deep passion you will know what I'm asking for


you say you really love me and I'm always on your mind


you have to prove your love is true to me


let are inner hearts unfold to what we are truly searching for


Your Inner Simplisic Sense Evokes A Revolution

Your the voice that many of us wish we could have..in your inner simplistic sense you evoke a revolution that is charged with a timeless gift of love. Standing further as a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of creative arts. Never relent to give up on the fight stand tall & smile ! We all could write poetry if we wish the truth is we just chose not to. Many have a judge mental spirit that kills creativity in the arts. Hearts must take heed to the real call of love to light the inner spark of what they are truly waiting for. Face it, rejection is very common in the poets life but don't let that deter you in living up to your fullest potential. There are those whop constantly look to the mistakes that other poets make & they rub it in your face for it. Now is the time to relax & enjoy yourself in the arts & share the beauty of your latest creation to the mass populace.


A Return Of Elvis



let me make this clear as I shed a tear


the king really died in the seventies


but his memory still remains


his blood still runs through are veins


realize he was caught in a trap


some may say he had a heart attack


yet who are we to say upon this day


he took us to the ghetto & streets unknown


got his black belt in karate


made many tender moments and memories with everyone who knew him...


had a thing with Ann Margaret but you could forget that


he had his eyes set on Lisa Marie with a soon baby


But let just say if he was still around he would be eighty two


would he have bitten off more then he could chew


how many more records would he have made


Elvis in the window


Elvis in the theatre


Elvis on the radio


so many tender songs the king sang


let us always remember his tenderness


I must clearly confess


Elvis was always on my mind


what a talent in which he surely shined


love me tender & blue suede shoes


jail house rock a list that goes on & on


we must all realize the king never really did died


he lives on forever in all his faithful loyal fans


until we meet again my friend until the end


A return of Elvis Aaron Presley with much respect


A Noble Deed

A Noble Deed

in our vast perpetual state of existence
many are those that run with the resistance
they graduate from hate to hate
never stop to seal their fate

inside they hide behind four walls that bind
yet there are those that soar to reach heaven's door
a beacon of light in need of love
it's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder

a challenge to be free is a question of time
but its a noble deed to share your faith
in certain circles which resonate
a child like state of existence

we can be blind from all social demise
but a word to the wise
Satan knows the word of God to
many have bitten off more then they could ever chew

for what are we to do
saturate your hearts and minds with the truth of God's word
take heed to what you learned & heard
in this times of lax lets turn to the Lord

you have to dig deeper then ever before
learn by your mistakes lest i implore
God is soveriegn & has a plan for you
choose the narrow path where hearts bleed

Such a noble deed

Tears In Heaven

Tears in Heaven

Falling emblems
A fresh scent of dew
Something borrowed onto somthing new
Many will make it
Others try to fake it
By the skin of there teeth
Saddened with there position in heaven
Shedding tears loosened fears
Some tears will be that of joy
We each will have to face the trial
Cause you knew all the great while
Sadness will soon to gladness
This much i confess
To just be with Jesus
I know it seems a far away place
But if you stay humble
by getting down on your knees to pray
love like never before
Tears in heaven will flow
Alone i will cry
I will wait my turn
As time goes passing by
One soul will soar while the other one burn

That's How I Roll The Dice



Knock on wood


I'm back in the hood


Acting like the late famed Natalie Wood


Life sure ain't what it used to be


In fact it's a bit of a mystery


Many live it out how they see in misery


Bu that's not living in reality


Yet we came this far not to turn around


Can't turn back when your hands on the plow


Many give up way to early


Try to change the actual story


But i still live for my lord up above


Many thoughts get swept underneath the rug


i'm just looking for love and a big hug


People are strange when your a stranger


Out on your own in immediate danger


Yet that's how i roll


Getting caught in its undertow


We have every right to know


Inside we hide behind four walls that bind


Society once could see but today they are actually blind


you can have everything you want but be empty inside


That's how i roll see you on the flip side


Fat Joe In The Undertow

Fat Joe in The Undertow




Rap to the rhyme


Rhyme for a reason


A blast from the past


Its the changing of the season


Like Fat Joe in the undertow


Homeboy is still on top


not one of those rappers that drink a lot


Just like fetty Wapp


Making headwaves through the days


Society getting caught in a purple haze


Joe is out on the rap scene


People these days are very mean


Just call it fate cause Fat Joe lost a lot of weight


Getting ready for his date


Thank God he sprung a leak in


Another famous Puerto Rican


He'll take you higher then ever before


All the women just adore him


Let me make this crystal clear


Joe is still in the game


While the outside world goes virtually insane from his fame.






now its my turn to rock the mic


going break therough the tape of darkness in the night


like freaks in the sheets I'm going to take you higher


blowing up in a fuss of its fullest desire


many moons ago let the truth be told


rap was taking to different heights


now all those years have passed still having every reason to grasp


we are still holding our own on the phone


still I got two turn tables spinning in my head


walking dead face full with lead


Young G your to young to think back now


can't turn around when your hands on the plow


but that how we do some say we're through


yet it ain't nothing new


life is filled with kings and queens


some women are true ladies then you got those bitches that scream


out there tripping in their limosine


cruising down the alley in their sunset dream


but today is a new day got to break things down


can't get ahead when your face is in a frown


you all want me around


got hustlers that want to shake me


Dons that want to make me


Just me & Eric B and a nice full plate of fish sorry that I missed


a new opportunity just stuck inside watching Jeopardy


all of life is a party you see my name is king on the new marquee