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Paw Marks

Paw Marks

Ragu pasta is being recalled
cover me,

through fence unclean
make me an offer
patience is a virtue
walk in the way of the master of fame

love nestled in one accord....

encountered in the way of the game
love nestled between,
thrown out a window
nestled by my pillow

shadows block my radio
heavy cheer out my window

Paw Marks....

pulsating moon beams
front porch swing
the fly on the porch ring
love the course of the march

Balls To The Wall

spend your day expressed by grace ordered from a Payton place


cheer each moment from the edge of the setting sun a very well done


climb each pillar of thought and deed to reach forth every bit of need


transformation to be a king set forth to a freedom ring set ahead,




drop in a set daily routine an angelic song can't we all get along


building bridges enhanced to swing in the parlor from freedom swing


come close to me with honor a captured melancjoly grin people sing


out of order but we continue to sing sent transformed for every thing




balls on the porch let us stand firm and rejoice to decorate a New York smile


the moments of tender muse set sail on its own for people to come on home


a balance for power there's balls on the wall standing ten feet tall


recapture the falling song can't we get along abused by power such as the fawn




news to me to be set free falling headlong as in a coaster sent right over


the taste of Manicotti specially for you the cause to brew as coiced renewed


application to a frustration moved by education falling creatures made to shine


captured by the edge of the vine together so fine rob you blind you see




balls to the wall stand ten feet tall the rooster flows its in what you know


a harvest new a each casket new feeling ever so dear all draw near


with fallen drops as in airforce one become undone having a bit of fun


stranger to your ever glow take you to places you need to go transformed new




a quiet street my balls fall deep stand still & repeat


feature creature stand tall to meet her tender rooster


shine down upon me in its billow sanction well received in


long are the long ago chimes very good in store a cry for more




Balls to the wall in a turning touch in a rush such flattery of make believe


salute you see the back door cling noticed from everything pople sing


pillars of thought balls to the wall & everything


looking out in the lawn you graciously see a fawn




braced from the new unction of seaweed twisted between your knees


cry a river in order to discover hurry up & take cover


sure fire wy in order to display everything's o.k.


cry me a river stand still & deliver




chased through your dreams there is balls to the wall from every purpose


shine on the simple study through the song shattered through the breeze


can't we get along feathers with the swan captured in my imagination


there's never hungry like a rooster in your imagination




capure each smile to know all the great while


apples in carriage everything delivered


tried and true everything blue


sad but innocent to the drawers




paint a picture news tide to recaptre the falling blues


shake dreams from your hair my pretty child


lay hold of its rest in every test,


savor the moment you cling to find




balls to the wall stand ten feet tall


through a brisk walk on the beach far out of reach


there's silence in the fold repaired until


passengers through blatant Henry lines




share with each other a heavenly climb


there's places you need to go with the flow,


seek the heavenly course in care with most


share in the right shun what's wrong




the rid is forth there's one ball too short


balls to the wall shine upon the strong earth


peach ice cream and everything short


got my balls to the wall




send forth the workers send proud the flame


not to mention in the mentally insane


proud as silver gold as shine


list of insurance so very fine




the wind blowing


have you ever remember when you were down to the lowest pit no one gives a shit


order of disorder come close to know ya


in the curtains we shall enjoy you,




after the mall through dull in the path


as in all goodness past


through chosen vessels


stay true to discover




rewind the television something is worth missing


we all must come together no matter what the weather,


train up a child you must keep it in order


show forth in your glory




stay with the fold listening to the door


paint a picture with a smile


still to know all the great while


bridge the gap in between




share with each other another page of order


balls against the wall stand up ten feet tall


its in you don't you see working on a melancholy


like the words to hear its order








The Newest Poems By Mario William Vitale


look deep into the writng things that embrace Mario Vitale

the first to many we have written your piece you got here

life was built upon where you sow its even flow

take you to places you need to go

hallow in the ivory grove



When Windows Cry


apart from us a haunt to musk

in hallow spence through rivers dent

composs its smile 

to know all the great while

in satin sheet stand still to repeat


left back through a treasure to behold

the angle to fold

dig deeper then before

not to menton Frank Stallone


the bit of the ivory tower

like an apple will sour

keep in touch with the flow

many years ago



With Baby's Breath


get some things off my chest

a hero in digress

many moments by which to confess

life is but a test

leaping words to flow


some things you ought to know

amidst a hallow grove

shining billboards in the distance

with eyes of scent


rock inside a new day's dawn



Today Of Make Believe


I'm thrilled to approach the harvest fill

get along to a harvest to thrill

in each step that you take

on wings of fate


we conect to the common man

inside the dungeon

hide away the thunder

is it any wonder


manking is to wonder

filter together

love in order



Love Is Kind


reach deep in your basket of time

love's ovation is sounding down

connect with the eye

composed to fly


the radiance of togetherness

call to the lasting fate

each step to take

love comes from within


a parting flame




Locked Away


run through the fetters unleashed its dungeon

summon the damsel of order

long for tender embrace to take

the conversation make no mistake


such thrilled by fate

columns of dust debris

onto something so much more

lest I implore


through the eyes of reason

changing numbers through the season


Sound of silence



Sound Of Silence


it started with a seed

then roots grew up through the planted soil

the mere vortex that light trascends,

a challenge to be free is a question of time


laughter but a muse

violet eyes with no apparel,

whispers on the blackened state of death


clear view of choice

I saw millions upon millions bowing

through a vast corridor


the radiance of sharpened maggot infested feces

alone cross the corridor of my soul

there's a reason to last


the match a flask of deafening blows

amidst the emmense violence

there beats heads with the sound of silence


it is of no coincidence all to take part in the lasting kiss

love's brigade to persist

through Willows snatch away the pollen in my membrane


lest I refrain a distant flight

forget the night the day is far too spent

to develop solid confidence


a wish through nailed pierced hands

what equated logical persuasion has begun

falling ever falling from a firm grasp


order to disorder with pillars

vespers fueled by love's gait

we each seek to contemplate


from the time you were born to the present God was watching you
each new day brings about different circumstances in this life
everyday there's a brand new baby born every night got the covers to keep you warm
In the city people are getting busy going to & fro
life is best lived when your making other plans you understand
God holds the keys to what's true over your life amidst the given strife
Some folks live as gangsters in their souped up Camry such a commodity
Others live in the moment alone in their thoughts to learn the way
Still some perhaps the few carry on with a song in their heart to impart
The few seek the narrow way by which they pray everyday

Life is what y6ou make of it so don't try to fake it must be committed to it
Early when you rise say thanks to the good Lord up above thank him for his precious love
share with others who need help give them hope by which to cope
there are lives that need to be touched in a 21st century world in quite a rush
be happy that you are alive loose behind your foolish pride,
Be careful to entertain strangers cause unawares some have encountered angels in disguise
stop spreading lies draw near to God and he'll draw near to you

Pacs' Philosophy

carry me through the barren leaves in braids of trees life is a known mystery


locked horns with the mere notion of joy as a bat with girl meets boy lift your head high


cool your jets lest I confess that life is but a test I must confess turn the radio on


sing a song so we all can get along smile cause it's contagious nothing outrageous


be engaged with your new jack swing did I hear the door bell ring




live long and prosper give cadence to the helper warm to shelter feeling better


keep ya head up dig long on Pac's philosophy in cosmic history ya see a breeze


dizzy in a haze thought for many days like a mouse stuck in its maze


Each of us is building our own dynasty living out our legacy into God you see


Strength comes from up above we sweep things underneath the rug gives a big hug




Homeboy got a nine to his head begging for bread face full of lead


I'm a leader and never a follower come in store lest I implore something more


playing our favorite song on the radio face on a pillow sniffing liquid jello


Hello, we must increase the beat to promote its tempo long lines being formed


Curse the very day you were born better wait your turn hearts to yearn




Spinning like a top homeboy do think a lot boogy down to the socks


got to be bilingual take you places to go like Kool Moe Dee making sweet history


faces, places & spaces...midnight traces making the Margarhetti an explosion in the mind


sipping on cherry wine everything is quite fine created from a great design


This Is The Real Me

This Is The Real Me

how does one become a poet in a shit hole of existence
we run a muck through the give and take of sought through cadence
I'm bipolar, suicidial & psychophrenic
I've been hospitalized for an extensive stay
suffer in silence through depression deep in thought
yet in group I seek comfort for being mindful of my actions
groping my way through the enterprise
days I have panic attacks sweat episodes
this is the real me

I see two cats at the edge of my bed that aren't there
see the eye of the Alan Parsons project on my door
I'm manic one moment and bipolar the next
take a good shit that I scream inside for help
I'm in classes seeking help for my depression
was denied social security three times

what the fuck am I here for
for I exist as a vapor then I am no more
lingering, unfolding & loving
I have a good heart
yet I wear a pamper do to falling shit that comes out my stead
I'm wrapped up with emotions
yet I'm continuing to play on the one guitar string I'm being dealt.
haven't worked since 2015
living off of my mother's help for now
I'm telling you the truth this time no sugar coating it.

Tears From A Clown



there's a song in my heart that needs to be sung in union with friends a bit combersome


fallen angelic creatures with vast different features create a whole inside


flirting with fire blowing it up to its fullest of desire


the life of a clown is lonely at times hidden below a window exposed


to the very notion of solace screened in like a bend of a fold


each day is a new way to make children happy to see


make up just a touch to much can be costly in the game


yet deep inside they often hide behind a false hidden garb of compromise twisted lies


Barnum Bally is no more yet they shiver in the wind waiting to begin again


flowers, props & shoes




often will sing their Sunday best blues in nursery homes enjoyed by the elderly


to get even one more last laugh behind life's squeeky wheel for some no big deal


yet at night when folks do fright the clown cry's a box full of tears to calm all fears


doorways latched with a hammock a cat attached to the swing pulls it along with song


at each venture the clown will become less combersome to this world


a choice to eat out at Mickey D's with a Happy meal loving Ronald as a mascot of some sort


other clowns reside in a high appeal of life with its glitz and toys


Each must face their fate among a Peyton Place some may urinate in the hallway


some clowns turn to vice with booze to take away there inner pain let me explain:




Clowns are people each one of us you see in the great scheme of the circus called life


we worry let out the jury running to then fro in a hurry some even change to story


Clowns are humans after all every single one of us


heavy burdens are gone lifted up when a clown is around


there can be no exception for the real tender clown in you


perhaps i have bitten off far more then I could ever chew


Elephant shoes


Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring




why should we worry in a world in such a hurry


present them with truth & they change the story


like Martin Luther King let freedom in lest we begin again


Freedom is so sweet when people meet to share the good news


of hugs with kisses with the long ago misses front porch swings


Freedom rings


today you got hip hop with Fetty Wap reaching the top


Eminem with his fire about Trump really good glue to hold


No, we broke the mold with Akon learning his lynn Swan pose


used to be customary to hold open the door for your neighbor


used to be we used to pray but today you claim it ought not be that way


long ago let the truth be told you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold


better to be judged on the content of your character not the color of one's skin


one lone homeboy get capped in his knee on 5th and Wesson leave ya second guessing


Mario William Vitale is not about neutrality he aims to do what he please


get a hold of the Sonic we silence the crack heads of society with a bit of violence


its all about choice with the roll of the dice makes you think twice


we got reality shows just ask Todd Bridges & Flava Flav


smolten hot lava cause I came here to deliver some times i get stuck in the middle playing second fiddle...


rap isn't for losers always for the winner don't call me late for dinner


what are we most willing to achieve always have something up my sleeve


those days of Big Daddy Kayne in the fame game


building forts in the woods alaways got the good with playboy under the seat


a delicious frozen treat I rock it while its hot this homeboy do think a lot


Nectar is in the honey down to the bone best to watch the frozen classic, "Home Alone"


got rules in the Ghetto that they don't want you to know


that's why some homeboys get away sleeping with a two bit whore


nothing phony not looking for money content in playing a game of Gin & Rummy


not to mention Spades now act your age this rap scene will never fade


its about balance and consistency that is my philosophy




Freedom rings but I'm not your seasoned butterfly instead i thank the good Lord i'm still alive


got a good story to tell like Slick Rick with the ring of the bell


honey to treasure no matter what the weather i'm still as light as a feather


we can teach it to preach it but nothing comes easy mic in my hand and I get a little dizzy


going shadow boxing with the Bee Gees waxing that ass with a squeegy


its the bounce for the ounce of the hour of power homeboy need to take a long hot shower


Hour of sorrow to thinking of Chuck in the Tower of Power


we ned to think rationally as you cook your linguini


arm me with harmony...