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Forgive And Forget

Love has now faded

In its place Hate is traded

Death to lights spark

Now a heart lonely and dark


From this now dark place

Dost thy torment embrace

Forsaken and now forgotten

Thy love withered and rotten


Darkness dost now rule

Thy hatred unbearable and cruel

But fear not thy blinded treachery 

From loves grave I pardon thee.

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babys hair with a womans eyes


lips so sweet she is a treat


Summertime out playing in the park


with baby's breath the lavender scent quest




Samantha was her name


loved to be loved with a peaceful heart to impart


she loved horses and her boyfriend to


keeping quiet in her garden with beautiful flowers adorned




the trees were her friend whom she grew to depend out of silence from within


she cried that day her boyfriend left her but he never did forget her


for he was a soldier going off to war


news came back to Samantha that he was killed in a battle




she was so heart broken but found out she was pregnant with his child


a lovely baby came in the world a girl as if in a dream


raised her baby well that was until


she had run out of money running on empty




had to give the baby up for adoption yet this wasn't her option


suffering Samantha deep inside


she ran away to her garden suffering in silence deep inside


there a beautiful angel met her told her she was called to be a dear sister among the blessed order of the Mt. Claire nuns...




she was deeply relieved more then ready to achieve


praying, meditating and loving


many years would pass at every reason to grasp


a knock came at her door for it was




none other but her little girl


This time all grown up as a woman with flowers in her hair


A loving embrace but Samantha had insisted with faith her call was to honor Jesus


but she couldn't resist to have visits from her daughter




A moment lived out in history


where at times life can be a great mystery


Samantha had achieved great dignity with belief.
































































































Not Your Cup of Tea


     Maybe I'm a strong cup of coffee, and you prefer tea.

     But one day somebody is going to wake up in the morning

     and find me refreshing.  And I won't have to fill myself up

     with sugar to finally feel like I'm enough for you.



Conscious Response To Love

we look inside to dig deeper then ever before
a willingness by which to explore so much more
love is all around us as if hope springs a new
many have bitten off far more then they could ever chew
solace is branded by ivy thorns on the impulse of love
brevity is still deep inside of me when I have time alone
to wait in the parlor for a sweet word of enjoyment
the favorable response to its duration and plight
forget the night and the day is far well spent
as if gravity is still deep inside of me but I hide from thee
quietness in a walk through the woods
look at the Willow tree wave its tender branches
in certain traces we get spaces in ordinary places
conscious response to love
to embark on a pivotal point of existence learn to shun its resistance
out of every circumstance learn to take part in life's dance
there are various trials to shape your character into being in the moment

love has united the masses with vested chances
love is the union between man & wife
love is in the moment as you gaze into its light
many have departed from its sight giving up on the fight
the human creature is vast in there intellect
a great cause to wait upon such a love
how you have fought so hard and fierce
my truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time
my one solution is using my mind
living on the edge and its going to my head
sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by
Our war were in is almost over
It's so hard to believe I lost my lover

love has gained it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost
yet still dig deep then ever before onto the duration of Agape love
brotherly love to love in a praise of thanks to your fellow man
let the reader understand everyone has love just have to tap into it
from that of space and time we shall shine
the love of your neighbor greater then your self
greater love has the man that lays down their life for a friend
a love sought to depend upon day by day
amidst the barren cliffs hero's glare
through the soul in flight as it permeates matters of the heart
In Autumn as the leaves turn each leaf is symbolic
breathe deep



So much heart so much love so much need
Janis Joplin I cry to watch your heart bleed
What a talent you brought to the world
Time has seen your legend unfold
How sad that your life was lost to the abyss
Of uncertainty and need, oh how you are missed
What intellect, what talent and a future untold
Such a beautiful woman and so in need of love
It was like a crucifixion to see this talent shoved
By ignorant fools who couldn’t understand
The cruelty when you were young and you so grand
Anyone who had a heart could have saved you from your fate
But when people found their heart it was already too late
She wove her daisy chains
until winter spent the wildflowers
with its will. She was too young
to know that spring would come
and they would bloom again,
so she caught the stars
at midnight and wore them in her hair
though no one saw them…Just her
and the moon streaming in the window.
Alone there with songs to sing
and dreams to dream, she must have thought
this is living — and this is dying.

Blue Eyes Crying In The Wind

you got to be perfect in a non perfect world

out of clear simplistic style you know all the great while

we all must face a trial in this land so very mean

tossed and turned another page has been turned


the lonely cowboy out on the range with saddle

a brigade of dudes follow him but he don't care

blue eyes crying in the wind

in his solace he sees an innate vision something he's been wishing


the prarie is dark and desolate at time

he sips on his warm flask of whiskey

thunder comes from his hidden gait

make no mistake the fallen breeze whistles a storm


some would even curse the very day they were born

blue eyes crying in the wind

a good way in which to begin once again

he's not the sophisticated shoot them up type


nor is he ever looking for a fight

he gives way for cadence on his sun set brim

a time to refrain from his work

a pause to rest

Collective Unconsciosness

Collective Unconsciousness

yet there are voices with choices
life can make you think
through the notion of a sphere
let's its member draw near
for I shed a single tear to numb the inner pain
yet still dig deeper then ever before
a challenge to be free is a quest of time
still we must all come together
a shoulder to cry as your draw nearer
no one thinks hard anymore no one has a voice

to walk along a journey of a path
darkened columns of hue yet nothing new
we have bitten off far more then we could ever chew
running through circles its the totality of the human experience
its in the history of humanity the ghosts
not merely our own personal experiences
It is distinguished from the personal unconscious, which is unique to each human being.
It has a better sense of the self ideal than the ego or conscious self has
Scientists have made studies that we use a small portion of our brains
lest I humbly refrain from the truth explained
maybe its in some twisted ways getting caught in a purple haze

What Hurts You The Most ?



each of us is faced with a decision


a heart that burns and is ever giving


some go through deep moments alone


others ponder a new way of escape


perhaps you may call it fate


it helps to get away


beyond the brisk hustle & bustle


getting away from all the trouble


to a place of reasom from within


a new way to begin again


we clap our hands in peril of our assortment




heavy hearts are out stirring tonight


yet no one questions anymore


instead we settle for anything goes


the bullet holes


a braided fixture to expose


yet the impulse of the drama brings us near


I shed a tear to numb the inner pain


not having her in my arms is driving me insane


yet we do nothing but complain


as the world outside goes totally insane


for you are the magnet and I am the steal


only get one chance at life's spinning wheel


yet you say its no big deal




something inside hurts you the most


like a lost seagull outside on the coast


spread your wings as in the holy ghost


a challenge to be free is a question of time


A Deeper Way



When What You Believe Infiltrates Your Behavior The Process Builds The Foundation !


A challenge to be free is a question of time.


My soul permeates the very fabric of my existence


A beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love


look deeper again my sweet friend


therefore gain wisdom with all thy getting gain understanding


one has remained lax from what's spiritual


relying on the temporal


hiding behind the squeaky wheel




a vortex of a surreal memory in thought


one must first perceive it then to achieve it


columns of sand pillars wasting away


with a time well spent in thought


shadows block the view from a far


out of reliance to a master plan


does death hurt you the most or is it fear


we can become blinded by vice and facades




yet our heart is an opened door willing to be explored


all for so much more yet what ?


for love is the very essence or fabric of my existence


never to join in it's resistance


out of every circumstance we can take part of the dance


there is a deeper way to reach heaven's door lest I implore another way


bow the knee to pray everyday


with what we do with are time today


will become evident then echoed throughout eternity


bask in the vast expanse between time & space


as if golden nuggets coming down from outer space