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Fueling the Hate

On the funeral pyre

you burn 


Forever in



Driven to madness,

nothing to exstinguish the hate


Chains keep you locked

away in your mind


It is hard to escape 

that constant rape


Bees to honey

they appear unannounced 


Playing their little game's 

trying to make you go insane











No One Mourns a Bastard

No mourning 

the wicked


Spit on their



Walk through the cemetery

naming their names 


Not even their family 

cares to cut back the weeds


letting nature take back

the reigns


Vines rip apart their



In time the cursed place is forgotten and

bulldozed over


Nothing remains;

they erect a sub division over the place 


Cement covers the



Dead bodies still housed 

in the earth 

Meanwhile: the dead turn in

their graves


No one gives a fuck

about their names 


Carry their hate with



Black hearts to

the abyss


Souls forever in



The dead forgotten:

no tombstones remain 













Prologue to Misery


for all eternity 


Never ending



Your existence: a prologue 

to the nightmare 


Dragged down to the pit 

where you will die again and again 


Looking forward to your



Awakening from the dream,

cold sweat all over your body


Crawl out of the bed



Tired; drained by the fate

that awaits


Stare into the mirror,

betrayed by black eyes that shed no light 


Step outside into the 

dimension that is present 


The dark clouds are prevalent,

but the suns rays pierce through


Blinding your eyes,

you flee to escape the light


Back to your tomb

you digress to the mausoleum


To rest in the shadows,

where the dead whisper their names


Soon interred in the walls with the rest,

claimed by the granite that snatches you away


Falling through the bowels of the earth,

your soul drops like a dead weight 


To the place of everlasting fire,

where the nightmare becomes real








Set course for the 

black hole 


No fear in the suicide


The abyss awaits,

the exploration of madness 


Slowly we shall reach the end

of the beginning of a new universe 


Darkness awaits,

beyond is the inferno


Uncharted territory,

venture into the unknown


Without fear,

or regret


Into the black hole we go 


Our lives expire before our 



The nightmare has begun,

crushed infinitesimally


Collapsing into the smallest

point which will grow into something big


The death and 

the life


There is not nothing;


The humble seed

that is fertilized in time 

becomes mature 


But what is not expanding

is corrupted by itself 


The Star dies

in the sacrifice of its waywardness 


Regresses to that former state of being 

and chaos 









No Rest

Rest in Peace?

No not for you


The nightmare has just 



Play with fire

get burned 


I told you that but you never 



The man in the cowboy hat 

shuttles your soul to the urn 


Where your ashes will dwell 



You cannot out run 

your fate


When you choose the darkness 

it is a losing game



is Pawned into the shop of eternity 



Locked inside the concrete walls of the mausoleum 

tormented by all the lost souls that reside there




You Will Rest In Peace

You lie

in your




into the skeleton

that you are


And all your bones

will break so easily


When you fall into the 

hole that you dug


And I will shovel the dirt

and send you on your way to hell


And above your grave a stone I shall raise:

"Here lies the sellout who sold his soul to the devil

and spent his whole life making others suffer, may he never rest In Peace"


And I will spit on your your grave,

walking away satisfied 



that your dead


Burning in 


Getting what you deserve


Finally reaping all you have



Consumed by fire,

betrayed into the hands of darkness 


A house divided against itself shall not stand:

you were merely pawn in the game that you lost 


And now you will pay the price of eternity 

to suffer as you made others suffer


Paid back with an equal measure

fit for the sins that you died in







Trapped in the Corpse

A soul trapped in a rotting corpse,

no escape,


Living in fear,

end drawing near


Life extinguished,

fate finished


Left behind

to gasp for air


All hope lost,

forever dead.




Mausoleum of lost



They wander the halls


Feeling the weight of their



Too late

buried in the walls


sealed their fate


Haunting them selves

a lost paradise,


Never again to taste the water

of life


Thirsty forever,







Onto Chartered Areas

Onto Charted Areas

close to call
a trip to the mall
on exquisite realm
the church and the harm;

radio level left the rich and proud...

search with dagger from within

a gorilla in oner accord
piercing orchestra onto charterred areas,
loaded on the earth drop zoo;
look after their golden nuggets moment

paramount speakers in one accord...

lift high their American way...
tip the closet stretch horizon
bring on the noise
drifted in the horizon built episode;

silence the clown wanting him all the more around
years of cleaning stear their jacket reunion