You Will Rest In Peace

You lie

in your




into the skeleton

that you are


And all your bones

will break so easily


When you fall into the 

hole that you dug


And I will shovel the dirt

and send you on your way to hell


And above your grave a stone I shall raise:

"Here lies the sellout who sold his soul to the devil

and spent his whole life making others suffer, may he never rest In Peace"


And I will spit on your your grave,

walking away satisfied 



that your dead


Burning in 


Getting what you deserve


Finally reaping all you have



Consumed by fire,

betrayed into the hands of darkness 


A house divided against itself shall not stand:

you were merely pawn in the game that you lost 


And now you will pay the price of eternity 

to suffer as you made others suffer


Paid back with an equal measure

fit for the sins that you died in