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Poetry is free therapy

Poetry is, ultimately a bitch session 

Poetry is always getting me in trouble

Poetry is the things I often can't talk about 

Poetry releases suppressed emotions

Poetry let's me cause havoc

Poetry let's my subject have it

Poetry helps me refocus 

Poetry helps my scrambled brain

Poetry is better than advil in releasing pain

Poetry is letting me say things I'd rather not mention

Poetry is better than violence 

Poetry is worldwide considered art

Poetry is powerful, it let's me tare you apart

Poetry let's me rip apart things into shreds 

Poetry let's me into other people's heads

Poetry has always been there for me

Poetry sets free trapped thoughts

so they no longer linger 

Poetry, gives my enemies, the middle finger 

Poetry let's me address those who doubt me 

Poetry, sets unapologetic thoughts free

Poetry is, ultimately a bitch session

Let Me Back Inside

I don't need pity

I want a place to hide

Oh mama please

Can you let me back inside?


A tear rolls down

Off my eye

It's as if

I'm gonna die

Oh mama please

Can you let me back inside?


There is no hope

Inside of me

I don't want

myself to be free

Oh mama please

Let me back inside




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based off a line from a song called "Mother Love" by Queen.


My likeness for Lilly is so great,

my heart melts for Her 'til the dusk of day.

The night Sounds when Her's away,

Bloom, Radiant 'til day's dawn. 


Her beauty is great,

Wondering mind 'til Her sees,

Adoring is all I do,

While waiting for the moment, for Her to say "I do."



Beautiful Lilly like the flowers she blooms 


"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind" 


dancing, flooding the room with intamate doom. 


Didn't you believe me I said you make are radiant you lighten my mind.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the morning light

My friend

i try to talk to her all the time


I try to cheer her up


I care about her


She is my friend


I just want the best for her


I know I'm not the greatest person


and can say things out of line


but deep down I'm not that bad of a guy



Insanity (Video)



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Glorified Discreetly

Satish Verma

Living on margin he was deceived again. 
A grasshopper was perched on door 
shedding green pigment. 

Granary was empty and he was, 
worried about the health of nation. 
Glare and splendor always hurt his eyes. 

In the name of prosperity, leftovers 
set the dirty houses apart 
from polished faces. 

He was again afraid of interior – 
bursting with statements of elegance, 
releasing the bald answers to nettled questions. 

The stench was glorified discreetly, 
giving a pause to sorrow. 
Who was destroying the sweetness?

The Buddha Was Going To Weep

Satish Verma

For the fusion of minds 
let the long vigil of night begin 
for a cultural shock. 

Prayer wheels were whirring 
The Buddha was going to weep. 

Imperial march of hundred 
thousand boots in fever 
wakens the darkness under the milk. 

Famished ghost of a town 
can foresee the rumbling of 
a dark moon behind the trees. 

Bullet for bullet 
in inner empire. 
Gold lips cry at every reason. 

Burnt-out shrine will tell a tale. 
They were diluting silence of walls, 
blood stained by the crash of towers.

Bread Of A Moon

Satish Verma

For little grains of truth, 
listening to intuition 
he disrobed – and walked into river 
to die. 

In the footsteps of silence 
to eat bread of a moon 
facing the onslaughts of life. 

Death walks in stealthily, 
pays the price of hunger 
to the ruins of a fortress.

Point Of View

Satish Verma

You said it was a sin to trade for the hunger. 
I was looking into your eyes, 
something was amiss, 
tears had become stones. 
How long your breast was carrying 
this despair? 
You said it was a crime to hold the grief. 

I was looking at the sky, 
vultures have gone. 
But pugmarks of hyenas are very distinct 
around the house. 
I am saving the chocolates for winter 
kidnapping the heart. 
You said it was an irony to sing 
a heart-breaking song!