Love In Sure (AL ROKER )


The road I chose to take today,
Had many twists, and turns;
It really tore me up in-side,
You'd think that I would learn?

I had a flat, so took jack,
To pump myself up high;
When this little girl smiled at me,
From a car that passed me by...

She reminded me of when I was young,
I loved to sing-and play;
But as I grew...that girl I knew,
Just seemed to slip away?

When I wake-up tomorrow,
To start another day;
I think I'll choose another road,
When I go on my way.

There are many roads with choices,
This I truly know;
I think back from where I came from,
Then where I want to go!

Wayward Son...
try to drop the soap where you can cope
shadows in the wind try in to pretend;
safe with sugar tin