The Winds Of Change

The winds of change

Have swept through our tree of life

And stripped the branches bare


Naked limbs

Resembling gnarled arms

Reach for what used to be

But is no longer there


Left cold and alone

Any remnants of love or happiness

Has been thoroughly erased


A twisted skeleton

Of a once flourishing life

Now stands in its place


Cobwebs have become its security blanket

And parasites its company

In a forest of misery


Though there’s still evidence of life

There is no consciousness

No hope or purpose


Just an empty shell

That’s smells of

Regret and sorrow


Whose decaying bark

Is just a symbolic reminder

Of our faded dreams

Which no longer serve us


Just a silent tomb

Which echoes the sadness

Of empty today’s

And a forgotten tomorrows

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This is astounding

This is astounding metaphorical skill, sir. It grabs the emotions and squeezes them. I hope that it calls everyone to action, to plant a new seed and nurture a new hope for humanity. Blessings to you, dear poet.




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Nicely stated line:

"Just a silent tomb

Which echoes the sadness

Of empty today’s

And a forgotten tomorrows"

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Every striking line is

Every striking line is sculpted from intense and vivid metaphors which ignite the emotion of profound sadness. A powerful experience, a testament to your skill. Loved it 

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The Winds Of Change

Thank you so much for the read and kind words it really means a lot.

Some Thoughs run deep Like a well