Divine Seed Protector, Corn Ears, Effortless Spinning, Red Oak




He makes tomato seeds
slippery beyond the
crunching teeth to slide

He clothes mango seeds
in saffron silk strands
that they discarded
catch the dew and
with life ignite

and gives maple seed
helicopter propellers
to take them far

and gathers dandelion seed spears
into a snowy perfect sphere
that the wind may
blow them to all points away

The almond he
bequeaths a hard shell
that it survive
January cold hells

Cockleburs He created
to travel, sticking to clothes
which gave someone the idea
for adhesive velcro.

The palm tree's coconuts
.. which might drop into the sea
He plasters with a hard husk
to guard inner coconut milk sea

and sends apple seeds unharmed
through the bodies of birds...
these seedstorks..
drop them into chimneylike
chutes in distant climes

The seed inside
soft avocado
is hard and
until the tiruna
when it will delve
into the earth

He seeps sap out of
female pinecones to
attract male pine cone

Black watermelon seeds
He packs in pink satin
along with captured stormdrops
that they both quench human thirst
and nurse the seeds.

Unlike the peachpit
hard as granite
soft and sweet..
seeds .. pomegranate...
Their ruby juiced beauty
multiplies them.

But in divine compassion
he weaves inaide cornhusks
the light of dusk
revealing corngold
easily unsheathable
for humans and crows




Marc Antony asked the
crowd to lend him an ear..
(Perhaps Van Gogh took
this too literally.)
and the corn responded.
She grew on cobs
she grew on curbs
and like a healing listener
she did not lend but
gave her ears.




With the oaks and maples
the fir trees do not spar
as toward heaven point
their treetop spears.
Beneath them
dandelions crowned by
spores grow by grass spires
needing no spur iin jadespinning
as to grow bigger they aspire.




The leaves of oak...
summer's dark green cloak
...in October redgreen
crimson in November
.. then scarlet brown
next solid brown
.. then all fall down
until April's resurrection
... a lime green gown


-Saiom Shriver-

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Fruitarian Diet: Most Nonviolent, Healthiest, Highest Food Yielding, Earth Protecting, Energy Saving

Plant Rights


 (Thank you to acorn.net in my city for originally doing the graphics for the article)



Most of us affirm… what we must learn. In that spirit we offer you
this article on fruitarian diet. These thoughts are our hearts’
aspirations. May they be more and more our constant reality.

Fruitarian diet causes the least suffering to other sentient beings including plants. Compare as well the 100 to 1000 lbs per acre of animal flesh to the 450,000 or more pounds per acre from centenarian fruit trees. Fruitarians weigh over 25 lbs less than the average paleo diet person, are the healthiest, the most energy saving, the most reforesting and earth protecting.


Please print on recycled, 100% cotton, rice, backside or recycled paper.







The healthiest food (see below for .vitamin C . weight loss. .natural
fiber .least food poisoning .antiacidification .most digestible
.natural for anatomy .prevention of calcium oxylate kidney stones .
electrolyte balance . polysaccharides which prevent insulin exhaustion
.fruitarian oils like olive oil best for heart .counters sleep-inducers
.contains no volatile sulfur gases {onions do} .most natural prevention
of scurvy, beri beri, and pellagra .eyesight conservation .bouncer of
free radicals .stimulate enzymes which detoxify carcinogens, immune
system booster .prevent diet-related diseases such as diabetes,
arthritis, and heart disease through high potassium and other factors .
no artificial colors, flavors, or MSG . the most efficient B12 {hydroxyl
cobalamin not cyanocobalamin} .ulcer prevention with less hydrochloric




      • No branding, castration, or eartag punching of voiceless innocent
        animals. Fruitarian food (from nuts, seeds, beans, pumpkins, squash, berries, fruits etc) is the only food which need not involve killing or stealing. Meat, fish, and nonfruit plants involve killing, while dairy and eggs involve stealing first and eventually killing the patient enslaved cows, chickens  etc.

      • POTENTIALLY NONVIOLENT HARVESTING The most nonviolent in harvest as
        well (prevention of harvester-caused deaths to humans and field mammals)
        (75,000 human accidents and some fatalities yearly.. as well as
        millions of mammals and other creatures sliced by combines, harvesters)
        (Gandhi said goats’ milk kept him from being a full fruitarian.)
      • MOST GENEROUS the only freely given food, from the fruit tree which bequeaths all

No Cost…Free:


      • The most free food (freely given and no cost are not the same)(bury
        peachseeds in your back yard and come back)(May all who wish them have
        back yards)
      • Saves meat inspector costs, cattle raising tax-supported subsidies etc. etc.

Highest Yield:


      • Best feeds the hungry.. the food with the highest acreage yield
        (400,000 lbs. per acre) (spherical 3 dimensional fruit trees produce
        more than linear two dimensional rows of vegetables.) Dr. Faust, former
        chief of the USDA fruit labs: Centenarian apple trees can drop 2 tons
        each of food. (This is further multiplied if fruitbearing vines are
        planted around tree trunks and fruitbearing plants are placed
        interarboreally. This is called tri-level agriculture.)
      • MOST DIVERSE food yield with millions of varieties of hundreds of thousands of species.



Environmental Reasons


        • The only food which can reforest the world (saying yes to tree products)
        • In reforesting the earth fruit and nut trees prevent erosion &
          mudslides and stabilizes temperature extremes And brings rain to desert,
          dust bowls and drought areas
        • And trees along with vines create oxygen
        • And purify and filter the air
        • And reduce the noise pollution of the planet.
        • The most efficiently wrapped (nutshells, banana peels, coconut husks)
        • The most decentralized (can be grown wherever are light, water, earth, and air)
        • Fruit trees, bushes and vines provide the most fabric for the planet (cotton etc.)
        • Fruit trees, bushes and vines provide housing materials (not in the
          form of wood from the killing of trees but fallen palm fronds etc. used
          in tropical housing.) 18b: Fruit eliminates the problem of
          flesh-containing trash which attracts neighborhood cats and dogs.
        • In reforesting, fruitarian diet adds greentree privacy screens
        • Those who let things be have no time, money, or landfill problem with the raking of fall leaves.
        • And re-provides a home for wildlife
        • And trees eat carbon dioxide which prevents global warming 22a: Fastest to prepare.. the Goddesigned fast food is fruit.



      • Since fruit has the most prolific yield of any food, and since any
        food can be turned into fuel, fruit (corn is only one of many) is one of
        the best sources of alternative fuel. (Fox TV Jan 24th: High fiber
        foods like oats give longer energy flow.)
      • The most energy free food in cultivation, harvest, and compost
        disposal. (Dr. Don Meyer: a lb. of vegetables takes l/80th the
        production energy of a lb. of animal flesh)(Fruit foods are in tri level
        agriculture 450 times as energy efficient as meat)
      • Fruitarian soaps leave none or the least bathtub rings while animal soaps (with lard or tallow) leave the most.
      • Fruitarian cotton paper lasts 400 years. Libraries are finding that tree paper lasts 60 to 100 years.
      • Fruit is the most easily reproduced of of all foods. It can be windsired.
      • The diet of humankind before we worked by the sweat of our brows
      • Because it is the most easily reproduced, and the most diverse, it most easily makes new non-laboratory species.



      • The most beautiful (stained glass lime.. green pepper belltower
        where little seedbells hang)(fruits of almost infinite hues.. from most
        intense to most pastel.. from red passion to violet compassion)
      • The food which most preserves the body’s beauty (the most vitamin C (none in animal products)(vitamin C firms cellular tissue)
      • Fruit is the sweetest food, meat the most bitter.
      • The most fragrant.. with petaled fruit blossoms which effortlessly attract bees
      • Of all dietary groups, fruitarians on the average weigh the least
        (Dr. Mervyn Hardinge Harvard study and others) (You can’t be too rich or
        too thin.. say the actuaries about centenarian men.) (The causes of
        overweight are only tangentially overeating. Some of the root causes are
        fear of starvation, fear of sexual intimacy, a need for a weight
        blanket to counter sensitivity, unreleased anger, chewing as a
        relaxation device.) There have been a number of fruitarian diet books
        written, such as one on grapefruit, one on grape juice etc. Susan
        Estrich, former Dukakis presidential campaign manager, currently a law
        professor at UC, spoke of struggling with hundreds of diet books and
        overweight for 30 years, says be prepared to walk past vending machines
        by having apples in your purse or briefcase.



Addiction Breaking


      • The uric acid (pre-urine) in the muscle cells of animal flesh is an
        addictive trioxypurine, even more so than caffeine (dioxypurine) A diet
        of much fruit replaces addictive biochemicals.

The True Natural AntiDepressant


      • The adrenal poisons dumped by animals fighting for their lives in
        slaughter re-create depression, fright, and anger in those eating the
        animal flesh. Adrenalin is a long protein enzyme chain whose chain links
        are only partially broken by cooking heat.

Frees from Alcoholism:


      • General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army found that vegetarian
        diet is a natural antidote to the biochemical marriage of meat and
        alcohol. Current researchers find that as alcohol solvents outside the
        body cut grease, so do they inside. (May other cities have
        proportionately as many corner fruit stands and fruit and smoothie
        vendors as the Big Apple has.)
      • Fruits which are uncooked or eaten within 3 hours after cooking do
        not develop sleep-inducing bacteria (known in ancient over 20,000 year
        old Sanskrit as tamasic)

Consciousness and Brain Development:


      • The food which most supports brain development and consciousness
        (according to double Nobel Prize winning, nonagenarian neurobiochemist
        Linus Pauling who discovered six elements in the chemical table)
        (Fruitarianism is indicated by several anthropologists including Dr.
        Leakey and Dr. Marvin Katz as humankind’s natural diet) (It is the diet
        of Leonardo da Vinci according to his Notebooks as researched by Dudley
        Giehl, HarperCollins author)(Mathematicians Einstein, (Pythagoras of the
        theorem and Ramanujan did not eat flesh.)
      • The food which most supports mental and emotional peace (since the
        polysaccharides in fruit provide the most even of all energy flows in
        the body)
      • Chewing apples and coconut relaxes mouth and body muscles.
      • The most translucent..( the closest to pure light)(lime crosssection)
      • An antidote to the light resistance of lower frequency foods the consumption of which creates a natural aversion to light
      • A sleep conquering agent (The Sanskrit word for the sleep-inducing
        biochemicals in onions, garlic, and standing cooked meat is tamas.)



      • The food which saves the most time (compare 3 hours for a roast to
        20 seconds to peel a banana or 3 minutes to cook a fruitarian burger )
        (Compare the time to scrub a roast pan and all the concomitant dishes to
        the time required to compost a peel.)
      • Because fruit is so prolific, it melts away money, political and outside control systems which depend upon scarcity.

Promotes Meditation:


      • As high quality wiring helps channel electricity into a home,
        fruitarian diet is a ground for Spirit. Specifically lauric acid in
        coconuts is conducive to a meditative, peaceful state.
      • Just as the infra-red to ultraviolet light spectrum increases in
        frequency from red through orange and yellow to green blue and violet,
        so in fruits and foods in general. Therefore, limes are better than
        lemons. Violet grapes are better than crimson cherries.

Promotes Focus:


      • John Feinstein NPR Sports spoke of Bill Walton on the Portland
        Blazers team scoring in 21 of 22 basket attempts. (During that time Mr.
        Walton was wearing Love Animals Don’t Eat Them tshirts at press

Best for Economy . . . in Centenarian Trees Many Fruit Cents become Dollars:


      • Money does fall from trees. Look at the $2 avocados. If a
        centenarian avocado tree drops 2000 avocados that’s $4000 per tree,
        $400,000 oer acre.
      • The food most resistant to currency fluctuation (CNN on Jan 18th ran
        a Swiss Radio International report which finds that businesses which
        marry ethics and economics do better in the long run.).
      • Fruit is light’s expansion. Meat is killing’s contraction. Love is expansion. Selfishness is constriction.
      • The food best for stable economies..(The drought which can destroy
        linear rows of plant crops does not kill orchards) (Thank you Jimmy
        Stewart for ordering tomato juice on the train in your movie.)





      • Prevention of choking on meat and fish, the 6th highest cause of accidental death.
      • The food which causes the least grease and stove fires (Prevention of industrial accidents listed elsewhere).

Prevention of Sexual Dysfunction:


      • Dr. Michael Klaper MD lectures on vegan diet as a help for
        impotence.. relieving cholesterol pressure in arteries. He states that a
        25% blockage of arteries can cause 4 times that much obstruction.
      • The least breast and prostate cancer.
      • The least gynecomastia (male breast growth from female hormones present in meat and dairy products)

Crime Prevention:


      • The food which causes the least incidence of rape (the female
        hormones given to cows, pigs, chickens, etc. cause an excitation of the
        sexual system in those who eat animal products) added to by adrenalin
        based violence (from the fright hormones secreted by animals before
      • Cotton fruit can eliminate forest destruction for paper.
      • The pectin in apples is a fruit source for candles.
      • Fruitarians need less dish soap and therefore less rinsing water.
      • Coconut meat is an excellent chew toy for dogs.
      • Reduce sulfuric acid. The volatile gas of sulfur in onions, when
        mixed with the lachrymater of tears.. becomes hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric
        acid or other sulfur compounds.

World Peace and Justice:


      • Over a decade ago, a government research paper indicated the major
        cause of the crisis in Poland was a lack of meat. Entire populations
        were addicted to the uric acid (trioxypurine) in meat. Breaking
        addictions is a factor in world peace.
      • General Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army ended alcoholism for
        London drinkers through nonmeat diet. (His father General William Booth
        advocated planting fruit trees along railroad tracks, in parks etc. to
        create food for the poor.) kept the British Navy from scurvy. So the
        sailors were called limeys.
      • A Czarist navy ship mutinied sparked by meat full of maggots. This
        led to an overthrow of Czarist anti peasant, anti-worker policies.
      • Fruit lasts longer without refrigeration or freezing. Nuts in a shell .. apples in a cellar .. coconuts within the husk.
      • More efficient military. The British navy found that limes prevented
        scurvy. The Odessa mutiny of the Czar’s Odessa ship was sparked by
        sailors refusing to eat maggot infested meat.
      • Politically uniting: combines the freedom granting of the poor and the left with the conservative nature of the right.

Self Replicating:


  • The only food which can reproduce itself (containing eternal seeds)
    • The only self replicating food (Fruitarians who believe in plant
      sentience would be upset with Nostradamus’ suggestion that in a special
      recipe one needs 300 roses plucked before dawn.)

Oil Source:


      • The oil used in eating fruit and cooking with fruit (coconut, olive,
        corn, nutoils etc.) is also oil which can fuel vehicles and oil



God Designed:


        • Genesis 1:29 The Garden of Eden Behold I have given you
          herb-yielding seed. To you it shall be for meat. The Hebrew holiday of
          Tu B Shvat or the awakening of the fruit tree sap is one example.
        • Buddha: May all that have life be delivered from suffering. If
          plants are sentient, have feelings, this prayer implies not killing them
          and not using insect killers, known as insecticices. There are frequent
          references to fruit in the Quran.
        • The Essene Gospel of Peace and the research of many Biblical
          scholars indicates the pure diet of Jesus. His anger in the temple over
          money changing animal sacrificing, his cursing of the barren fig tree
          are some indications.
        • In Hinduism, Rama the first embodied avatar, was fruitarian 14 years
          in the forest. Krishna, the first avatar to descend with all power, was
          a lacto-fruitarian (eating fruit and dairy at a time when animals were
          loved and not factory farmed). Mahatma Gandhi tried to become a full
          fruitarian . Gandhi felt his love of goats’ milk a barrier. He planted
          fruit trees all over his ashram.

A fruitarian eats nothing which has been killed or
stolen. That supplants meat, dairy, and plants with the thousands of
fruit and nut combinations on the planet. E.g., a fruitarian can eat an
avocado sandwich, a coconut milk shake or the purest coconut ice cream
made from the milk and meat of the fruit, veggie burgers made of lentil
or beanpaste or tofu etc.,,a succotash of corn, limas, peas, and
tomatoes, sweets made with corn syrup or date sugar, or fructose, pecan
pies made with fruit sugars, fruitshakes made of a mixture of orange and
banana, pear and peach, pomegranate, papaya, and plum.. a pizza of
tofu, tomato, and pepper (not pepperoni), salads of tomato, cucumber,
green and red peppers (but not lettuce, cabbage, or celery), nutbutters
such as almond butter, tahini (a mixture of sesame seed, lemon juice,
and hummus {chickpea paste}, cornbread and muffins.


          • The scriptures of several religions and the research of several
            anthropologists including that of Dr. Marvin Katz and Dr. Leakey, the
            son of another famous Leakey, indicates our frugivorous origins. Another
            implication of fruitarian diet isorganic food, since insecticides are
            not used with their carcinogenic and bone and teeth harming results. The
            book The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar has a fruitarian chapter which
            inspired Dennis Weaver 40 odd years ago on the set of Gunsmoke to give
            up meat.

Industrial Safety–Preventing Industrial Slaughterhouse Accidents:


          • A UFCW union steward has said that most worker accidents occur in
            slaughterhouses. Fruitarian diet prevents the following accidents:
            • Workers are kicked, bitten, and scratched in the head by terrified animals fighting for their lives unsuccessfully.
            • Contract ear problems from the screaming and shrieking of the animals,
            • Have problems with bones in relation to the cold storage rooms.
            • Cuts from the metal machinery, running into computer line knives.
            • Alcoholism and drug use from trying to deal with the animals’ suffering they are constantly absorbing.
          • The reduction of OSHA staff and the use of illegal aliens to fill
            these jobs, some of the most unpopular in the industry, intrinsically
            means more accidents.
          • Electrocution from machinery near liquid secretions.
          • In slaughterhouses where pig flesh is scalded, there are frequent burns.
          • Open grease pits for blood, grease, feces, urine are traps for tired employees.
          • There is ligament tearing in the back, shoulders, and arms from the lifting of 100 lb. or several hundred lb. carcasses.
          • Carpal tunnel is a frequent complaint of meat cutters.
          • As a 1980’s administration doubled the legal speed of the line, there is a consequent increase in accidents.
          • The deregulation of some slaughterhouses has meant less trained personnel.
          • In fish slaughter, there are also bites, scratches, hook accidents, fishing line accidents, drownings and other trauma.
          • Prevention of contracting the animals’ diseases in contact with slaughterhouse fluids (blood, feces, urine, vomit).
          • Slip and fracture themselves on blood, urine, vomit and feces soaked floors,
          • Lung problems from constant exposure to feather dust (A Japanese
            movie shown on Bravo is a tale of peach trees cut down as their spirits
            speak to children.).

Health Continued Weight Green Starch:


          • Avocados, lima beans, peas are very filling fruits. The toxin
            bouncer chlorophyll is necessary. Any uncooked green fruit contains it.
            Other sources are limes, green peppers, etc.
          • Fruit has the most natural fiber for good intestinal function. and
            therefore fruitarians have the least intestinal cancer, constipation,
            appendicitis, hemarrhoids, peritonitis etc.
          • Fruit, says Marion Burros of the NY Times, requires no insulin for
            processing of its polysaccharides, disaccharides, and monosaccharides so
            that fruit does not exhaust the pancreas. It is a natural guard against
            diabetes. (Fruitarian Dick Gregory ran 3000 miles across the U.S.)

Dr.Frank Sachs of the Harvard School of Public Health confirms fruits and vegetables are the best.


          • Elizabeth Cohen of CNN: A banana has 450 mg of bloodpressure
            reducing potassium. It is better to get potassium in fruit than in
          • The plethora of antacid ads showing pills after burgers underlines
            the hydrochloric acid required in the stomach to break down animal
            flesh. Countries with the highest rates of stomach cancer have the
            highest fish consumption.
          • Even citrus fruit becomes alkaline in processing. Fruit is the least
            acid of all foods and therefore the food which is best for long life.
          • Fruit is the best food for the electrolyte balance of body.
          • Fruit yields its energy the most gradually as first monosaccharides are burned, then disaccharides, then polysaccharides.
          • Fruit causes the least food poisoning of any foods. (Knight Ridder:
            97% of all food poisoning fatalities are caused by animal products)
          • Fruit prevents calcium oxylate kidney stones associated with the
            cooking of oxalic acid vegetables and the much more frequent uric acid
            kidney stones associated with meat.
          • Fruitarian oils such as olive are best for the heart. Meat and fish
            oils are the most complex, hardest to break down, have the most toxins.
          • Fruit contains no volatile sulfur compounds which can become sulfuric acid and lachrymaters. Onions contain such.
          • Fruit has the least insecticides. It is good to eliminate all
            insecticides.. to shop organically.. yet meat has 21 times the
            insecticide level of fruit because the average nameless 1,000 lb cow at
            her time of slaughter ate 21,000 lbs of fruit. In addition, fruit is
            from a filtering tree which deposits insecticides in the stem, twig,
            trunk, and roots, protecting the fruit as a mother protects her fetus.
            Besides a cruel death for insects, insecticides cause cancer, teeth
            loss, bone weakening, immune system devastation. A few drops of
            parathion is enough to kill. The United Farm Workers have spent decades
            fighting the planes of death which spray their fields.
          • Stephanie Beling, M.D. cites nuts and seeds as boosters of the
            immune system, cholesterol reducers, elimination aids, inflammation
            preventers, and stimulants of enzymes which detoxify carcinogens.
          • Fruit is best for the kidneys. Animal eaters, carnivores, have 5
            times the kidney size per lb. that frugivores, fruiteaters, have.
            Carnivores have adapted to the extensive nitrogen shearing required by
            the kidneys in turning exaggerated protein intake into carbohydrate.
          • Fruit breaks the addiction of uric acid in meat, which is trioxypurine.
          • Fruit has the most vitamin C of any food. Dairy and meat have none.
          • Fruitarians have the best heart since a. the stimulant uric acid is
            eliminated b. the stressful adrenalin from frightened animals is
            eliminated c. there is no animal fat etc.
          • Fruitarians on the average weigh least. Nonvegetarians weigh the
            most. Vegans weigh 2nd least. Nondairy vegetarians third least (Dr.
            Mervyn Hardinge’s research at Harvard and that of others)
          • Organic fruit juice is more pure than spring water because it is filtered by the roots, trunk and twigs of the tree.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:


          • It still occurs in some areas around the world (as described in
            Upton Sinclair’s Jungle) that some animals are dropped alive into
            boiling water before dead. 96. Mother cows are separated from their
            calves at veal butchering time through shocking rods.
          • There is freezing of some animals as the trucks go through mountain passes where the high winds rip through openslatted trucks.
          • There is absolute terror as the animals hear the ones in front of them being butchered.
          • The 30,000 blizzard-stranded cows and 20,000 sheep on Dec 31st, 1997
            are a not wished for result of the cattle and sheep industries. Dick
            Goddard, Fox 8 weatherman and longtime animal protector, says
            paradoxically the cows sometimes do not freeze, but die of thirst
            because they cannot chew enough snow to process their needs.
          • They are kicked, bitten by other animals as they panic in hearing the animals in front of them in the killing line.
          • Animals relax around fruitarians because they do not smell like competitors.
          • Animals die of thirst often in transit.
          • Animals are goaded onto conveyor belts with pitchforks and electric shocking rods.

Most Varied:


        • There are hundreds of thousands of varieties of fruit in the world.
          There are a few mammal types humans eat, hundreds of dairy combinations,
          tens of thousands of vegetables and hundreds of thousands of fruit





The world is evolving toward information and fruitarian
economies and away from industrial and animal based supply systems. The
stockmarket of October 97 gave indication of this.


Neil Sullivan: Institute For Local Self Reliance on the Derek McGinty
Show: People who eat fruit tread most lightly on the earth.












Only fruit has the highest concentrations of vitamin C, the bouncer
of the body, which eliminates toxins and free radicals. Jackie Dewey,
writer for the Los Angeles Times, suggests that we take vitamin C as
Linus Pauling did in crystal rather than pill form so that the stomach
lining is preserved. In addition, all orange and yellow fruits have
betacarotene. Squash is a fruit since it is a vine, tree, or plant
product. Dr. Reginald Cherry, MD, author and host of a Trinity Broadcast
Network show, named after a treefruit, cites research about beta
carotene as a cancer melter.Fruitarian corn has inositol. Coconuts
contain lauric acid, an enzyme uniquely conducive to meditation.


    • What are the guts of an animal? Material containing E Coli,
      salmonella, and tens of thousands of potential diseases. God designed
      the contents of guts to be eliminated as waste.. not touched.. but
    • What are the intestines of a cantaloupe? Eternal seeds.. potentially containing enough lifepower to re-vine the globe.
    • What is the liquid of an animal? His life blood.. which putrefies
      very quickly after slaughter.. which is why Biblical dietary laws forbid
      the drinking of his blood.
    • What is the liquid of a fruit? Shining juice fathered by the sun and mothered by the rain.

Stephanie Beling, M.D. has written that nuts and seeds contain
healthful lignans, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, selenium, calcium, and


Polysaccharides Help Prevent Diabetes and Promote Biochemical Peace


Fruit has polysaccharides, disaccharides, and mono- saccharides for
the most even energy flow. Fruit sugars, says Marian Burros, syndicated
writer for the Washington Post and then the New York Times, bypass the
pancreas unlike other sugars. Therefore fruitarians are less likely to
contract diabetes, ith its potential blindness, amputation,
cardiovascular problems.


Dr. Ann Wigmore found that patients on raw food could cut their
insulin levels in half. For those who are not ready to become
fruitarian,James Marcus recommends washing out the system once a week
with an all fruit juice or fruit diet.




Fruitarians, cites Dr. Hardinge in his Harvard research, weigh the
least of the four groups of nonvegetarians, dairy vegetarians, nondairy
vegetarians (vegans) and fruitarians.


Fewest Insecticides


Only fruit is filtered through roots, trunk, branch, stem, leaf,
twig.. each of which protects the fruit from systemic insecticides. Red
meat is the most insecticide-intensive of foods, since a one thousand
pound cow represents 21,000 lbs of food eaten by the animal. These
nonbiodegradable insecticides remain in the animal’s flesh. WCPN
Cleveland Public Radio on August 8 broadcast that in the fruit group
strawberries tend to have higher concentrations of insecticide than
other fruits. You do not have to battle the 300 lethal insecticides used
by Mexico (source of more than half of American winter produce) or
worry about whether food handlers washed their hands.. if you start your
own fruit and nut tree orchards. Neil Sullivan of Institute For Local
Self Reliance: Fruitarians tread more lightly upon the earth.




Sri Yukteswar’s book mentions the 36 foot intestinal tracts of
frugivorous or fruitarian human beings.. as opposed to the very short
intestinal tracts of carnivores. A national ad mentions that when John
Wayne died he had 44 lbs. of unprocessed waste in his intestinal tract.
We mean no disrespect to the greatly loved actor and thank him that his
experience can help us. Meat is the hardest on the intestinal tract,
while fruit is the easiest, with bulk which is perfect for peristalsis
and biochemicals which detoxify the blood. Dick Gregory has commented
that flour and mucus foods become plaster like on the intestinal walls,
blocking the flow of blood and oxygen. Fasting and fruit are the best
ways to deplaster the body. (NIH and other research reported on MSNBC
indicates that the killing of carnivores is learned behavior and that
carnivores raised in captivity do not know how to kill, only playing
with their prey). It would seem that Isaiah 65.. the wolf shall lie down
with the lamb.. is possible. Sri Yukteswar also reported that
fruitarians have the least HCL hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, and
that carnivores have much higher concentrations as well as 5 times our
kidney size per pound of body weight.


Natural Fiber


Reginald Cherry, MD, nutritionist for TBN, suggests at least 3
servings of fruit daily. Bran, the husks of seeds and grains, can be
considered fruitarian. National Public Radio in the week of August 4th
reminded its listeners that prune juice is one of nature’s premier
laxatives and that cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. (Check the
labels.. some cranberry juices says Dr. Dean Edell contain a red dye,
cochineal, made from the bodies of insects. It might be the same dye
which made the British Redcoats.. red) An apple a day is good.. but four
apples a day are more likely to keep the doctor away.




National Public Radio: Fruits are better than vegetables for reduction of heart pressure (they are more yin or more expansive).




97% of all food poisoning fatalities (E Coli, anthrax, salmonella,
ptomaine, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis, etc.) are caused by animal flesh
and animal products. Of the remaining 3%, fruit products are more
protected than plants. Fruit’s spherical shape (as compared to lettuce
and cruciferous plants) allows for less possibility of contamination.
(Peeling is recommended). The fewer the people who handle the food the
more pure it is. Fruit grown in your backyard without insecticides is




Many diseases come from over acidification of the body. Meat, eggs,
fish, nicotine, coffee have high acid contents. Fruits, even citrus
fruits, are excellent for potassium which offsets sodium and
acidification. Fruits with average levels of potassium include apricots,
peaches, bananas, raisins (l/2 cup), prunes, cantaloupe, figs, dates,
watermelon, and juices such as orange, grapefruit, tangerine, prune.
Fruits in general are alkaline and therefore reverse acidification..
Even citrus has a biochemical change in the body.




Fruit has the greatest range of texture.. from very soft and ripe to
as hard as a coconut. Ripe fruit is the most easily digestible.. say
Maria Cull and other researchers.




a.In certain Buddhist and Hindu branches, garlic and onions are
considered tamasic or sleep-inducing. Those who eat them for lunch are
more likely to want an afternoon nap than those who eat foods of light.
b. Onions perhaps make us cry because they don’t want to be cut up.
Deepok Pokharna, a chemist, cites the volatile gases of sulfur. They
become hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and other compounds when in
contact with tears. This is called lachrymation. (The New Scientist the
source for the sulfur statement.)




Kidney stones are caused by excess calcium (in animal products),
excess oxalic acid (from the cooking of some vegetables, and other
factors. The thin green layer between potato’s brown skin and white
interior when cooked causes oxalic acid, e.g. Fruitarians in general
have the fewest kidney stones. If you like fried potatoes it is better
to cook them in olive oil and to peel them to avoid the oxylates.



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A carnivore has 5 times our kidney size per lb. of body weight and
has adapted more than humans to the elimination of nitrogen and the
processing of ammonia byproducts of meat. Fruitarians use the most
natural sources of protein, which are seeds, nuts, grains, peas, beans
in their thousands of Godgiven natural states and combinations.
(sunflower seeds, green beans, lima beans, sweet peas, corn, almonds,
walnuts, nutbutters such as almond butter, hummus, rice, oatmeal, brazil
nuts, navy beans, pinto beans, lentils, kidney beans, coconut, etc.




There are 50 milligrams of calcium in a cup of dried raisins. Many
fruits and nuts contain calcium. Fruitarian calcium is easier for the
body to assimilate and is therefore not correlated with osteoporosis.




B12 for animal product consumers is cyanocobalamin. B12 for vegans
and fruitarians is hydroxylcobalamin. Fruitarian B12 is more efficient.
Fruitarians and vegans have more red blood cells per cubic centimeter
than do animal product users. (The research of Dr. Mervyn Hardinge at
Harvard).. Some Red Cross volunteers have commented on the richer reds
and deeper purples of vegetarian, vegan, and fruitarian blood. In
addition, it does not contain white ropes of killer cholesterol.




Sri Yukteswar in The Holy Science describes some of the indications
that humans are frugivorous or fruit eaters and not carnivores. Humans
have the longest intestinal tract. Carnivores have the shortest. Humans
have apple piercing bicuspids not flesh rending fangs. Humans have much
less secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach than carnivores. Carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per pound of body weight.




Dr Irving Fisher at Yale, Dr. Mervyn Hardinge at Harvard, Dr Owen
Parrett of a Canadian hospital, Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell, Dr. Joan
Ullyot, Sports Medicine physicians in San Francisco, Dr. Michael Klaper,
MD,Dr. Wm Harris of Hawaii are some of the thousands of scientists who
have studied vegetarian and or vegan and fruitarian populations. 300
scientific studies are cited in the back of Dr. Neal Barnard’s book.




Maurice Smith, world champion kickboxer, and McGuire, homerun
champion for 1996, both recommend juicing and drinking many fresh fruit




Dogs do very well on beans and rice. Many dogs are eating slices of
coconut, banana, orange, avocado, apple. The more a dog bonds with his
adopter, the stronger his urge to eat what his adopter eats. Cats have
greater protein needs than dogs, and might require some dairy products
as vegetarians. There are 4 books on vegetarian pets. The company which
makes Nine Lives cat food is adding rice. (Mr. Barky is one of many
brands of vegetarian pet foods.)




Olive oil is an excellent intestinal cleanser after a fast.






Eat lima beans, peas. Limas are better than potatoes. Potatoes grow
under the ground. Just as a potato avoids the sunlight, its biochemical
effect on us when we eat them is that we want to avoid the sunlight.




Only fruit yields 400,000 lbs. per acre (Source: Dr Faust, former
chief of the USDA Fruit Labs, describing centenarian apple trees
dropping 2 tons each of free food). This yield is multiplied with
tri-level agriculture, with bean and other vines wrapped around the tree
trunks, and other fruit-yielding plants growing interarboreally ( in
the spaces among the trees.) According to WHO, orbiting mirrors can
further multiply fruit production (as well as trellises and poles for
bean and other vines.) This can be compared to the plan of one Chinese
official to double egg production for his 1.2 billion fellow Chinese
which would take the grain from 15 developing nations. May the Chinese
and other nations benefit from the mistakes of the U.S. and not emulate
our heart disease, cancer, environmental devastation.




Only fruit can reforest the planet. To offset the natural disasters
of record breaking cold springs, drought which created a brown Ireland
in April, floods in Arkansas and Ohio, tornadoes in Texas.. we need the
creation of quatrillion cubic feet of green. To those who say that trees
are renewable resources which can be “harvested” one might respond that
cannibals perhaps see us as delicious renewable resources.




Only fruit is potentially nonviolent.. involving no slaughter and no
theft. Fruit from trees, vines, and plants is the only food Godgiven and
plantgiven. Huge industrial harvesters in hay and corn fields slice and
dice small field mammals.. A green thumb comes to those who love
plants. The plants feel it, and grow more quickly around those who love




The sentience or feeling of plants has been documented in the
research of many. 100 years ago Chandra Bose was knighted by the Queen
of England for his crescograph, a machine which registers plants’
feelings. The book Secret Life Of Plants documents many research
studies. Clive Baxter and Luther Burbank have demonstrated plant




If one plants a peach or pear seed in 2 minutes in his back yard, and
comes back in a few years, the tree does not charge to give everything
she has.




Fruit is virtually energy in production in its natural state, as
compared to slaughterhouses.. Meat requires veterinary care for the
animal, freezing temperatures in warehouses, trucks, home freezers,
labor intensive care of the animals etc. After slaughter, the animals’
carcasses must be inspected by federal employees, cut up into little
pieces. Even vegetables are often harvested by huge combines or
harvesters which cause some human fatalities yearly in tipovers or fires
and cause slicing or crushing deaths to millions of field mammals and
other creatures




Only fruit contains the seeds of eternity.. as compared to the bones
and grease left from a meat meal, the eggshells left after the bird’s
spirit has flown and her potential body been consumed.




Only fruit has high concentrations of neurotransmitters, according to
Dr. Linus Pauling, nonagenarian neurochemist and Nobel Prize winner
twice (perhaps the only person to win two.. in peace and biochemistry).
Second, fruit has the least mucus..and therefore the greatest flow of
oxygenated blood to the brain. Preventing oxygen deprivation through
increased flow of breath can increase the mental function. (Hindus avoid
the use of onions and garlic. It is felt that biochemically they have a
tamasic or sleep-inducing result on the consciousness.) WUAB TV,
Channel 43, reported on Nov 10th, 1997 that several anti-cholesterol
drugs reduce mental alertness (brain function). The natural way to
reduce cholesterol is to reduce animal product consumption.




Compare the smell of the frightened animals’ sweat in the
slaughterhouse.. their urination in fright.. their defecation in
terror.. and that of the congealing blood as their lives pour out onto
the slippery floors, their necks having met the knife.. compare this to
the smell of creamy apple blossoms




The food nearest to pure light.. a slice of lime held up to the sun
is natural stained glass in a church grove.. Dr. Sidney Perkowitz,
author of Empire of Light, a physics book made easy for the public..
said on National Public Radio July 17, 1997 he would concur with the
view that of all foods fruit was closest to pure light.




Compare the tin cans and glass and cardboard wrappings of other
foods.. to the way God shells the nut, husks the coconut, peels the
banana. a. no human time wasting trash pickup b. no landfill exhaustion
c. no trees killed for packaging d. no energy wasted in recycling plants




Compare the multinational nature of huge meat conglomerates to an
apple orchard.. with her satellite bees, her resident birds and
squirrels *(May, 30 1997 National Public Radio Prof. John D Ruedy of
Georgetown: I agree that the planting of fruit trees would alleviate the
drought and desertifying of N. Africa)




a rainbow of pastel fruit tree blossoms..a mosaic of intense fall harvest




Meat comes from butchered animals. Vegetables comes from sacrificed
plants. Dairy products are stolen. Only fruit is gently and totally
given. Compare the screams of agony in a slaughterhouse.. to the silent
growth in the orchard.. as fruit trees weave and spin the sun into pink
peaches, golden pears, bronze nuts, limes (whose crosssections look like
stained glass when held up to their sire the sun).




Fruitarian diet prevents the most fires. Just as vegetarians reduce
the meatgrease fire hazard present in restaurants and homes with
buildups of grease in stoves, on the walls, etc., fruitarians because
they cook much less and in some cases not at all.. have the least
incidence of fire.




No matter is needed to ground Spirit. In addition Spirit can manifest
in any being. However, there are optimum diets for the transmission of
Spirit, its grounding, alighting, descent, the Touch Down, just as
platinum wiring is better than copper wiring is better than rusty old
wiring. Fruitarian biochemicals ground God’s lightning. Heavy thoughts
create a desire for heavier food. Light thoughts create a desire for
light food. When one is tired or angry or depressed that is the time for
the greatest discipline. “Expand in response to pain”.




a. Vitamin C which is most in fruit, second in vegetables, not at all
in dairy, fish, or meat.. firms up the cellular tissue of the body..
firms the connective tissue. b. Fruitarians weigh the least, on average,
of the 4 groups of 1. fruitarians 2. nonvegetarians 3. dairy
vegetarians 4. vegans (cannibals excluded) c. The butyric acid of animal
fat causes the bodies of those who consume it to have an unpleasant
odor. d. The uric acid (pre-urine) in animals’ muscles cells doubles the
sweat load excretion of the body. ——— JBO: So do a lot of celery stalks
around the world send birthday cards to fruitarians? —————-




Those with families dependent upon them cannot be Johnny Appleseeds
reforesting the world without recompense. What is the fruit waiting to
make you a multimillionaire? Mott is associated with apples, Minute Maid
and Sunkist with oranges and lemons, Welch’s with grapes, Ocean Spray
with cranberries, Dole with pineapple, Chiqita with bananas, Smucker’s
with fruit jams, etc. Businesses in date sugar, fructose, nut butters,
nut burgers, coconut icecreams, coconut milk, are waiting.. The business
Nantucket Nectars started out in 1993 as a peach juice bottler and in 5
years this business of Tom Scott of Cambridge Mass has become a 60
million dollar business. In the long run, those fruit juices with the
least insecticide, the most environmental bottling, the highest quality,
the best price, the most efficient distribution, the kindest personnel
etc. will do the best. Ethics is good business. Tropicana has begun
producing fruit smoothies. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport features a wonderful
fruit juice bar (which would be wonderful for empty main street slots).
Post has begun advertising a cranberry, pecan, granola breakfast
cereal. One waiting virtually infinite market is juices such as mango
juice, sold in Asian Indian markets. Mangos are very sweet, not acid.
There are some writers who have for money become mongers and pushers of
slaughterhouse byproducts which are a burden to manufacturers. Carloads
of bones, lard, cartilage plague butchers. Those such as Dr. JW, DVM who
seek to market gelatins, shark and chicken cartilage will have to
answer to God. Avocados which fall freely from trees just as apples do
are being sold in some area markets for $2 each. Some avocado orchard
owners a few years ago cut down their trees to keep the market prices
high. May avocado trees grace the front and back yards of billions of
people in warm climates. Coconuts can be shredded, blended, their meat
cut up for chew toys .. their husks used as cups. Their milk can be made
into fruitarian icecream. Their lauric acid (when uncooked) is
conducive to meditation. Their oil is very heat resistant.. CNN reported
Thanksgiving weekend that the hog market is becoming weaker. In Japan
it is environmentally destructive businesses (fishing and lumber) which
are hurting. Everywhere it is businesses involving harm to living things
which are continuing to lose customers as the Genesis 1:29 investors
are doing well. Dole has a delicious new orchard peach frozen juice.




If one sees a pine cone.. or an acorn.. a peach pit or an apple seed
make a tiny tunnel in Mother Earth.. and plant it that the seed be
freed. It is not necessary to shed the green blood of plants, nor
untimely to rip them from Mother Earth. If onions make us cry, we also
make them cry.. perhaps we do not recognize their tears. Gen. William
Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, wanted the railroad tracks and
public parks of his country lined with fruit trees producing for the




Avoiding cooking prevents the hazards of the microwave, of burns, of
fires, of enzyme destruction, of carcinogens created by heat, the cost
of cooking, the time of cooking and of cleanup, carcinogens in metal
cookware such as aluminum, etc.




      1. Not cooking prevents enzyme destruction. Enzymes are the chief cancer fighters of the body.
      2. Not cooking prevents the creation of heatsired enzymes such as malanalydehyde and methylcholanthrene
      3. Not cooking saves the fiber bulk, helping with elimination
      4. Not cooking prevents aluminum ingestion associated along with
        alcohol as a cause of Alzheimer’s. Other metals are also toxic. (It is
        best to use glassware when cooking.)
      5. Not cooking prevents the destruction of tiny microbes in the water. The fewer things we boil alive, the better for all beings.
      6. Noncooking prevents oxalic acid from cooked vegetables, which becomes calcium oxylate kidney stones.
      7. Not cooking prevents the formation of lethal trans fatty acids in
        animal fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils. B. SAFETY 1. Not cooking
        prevents greasefires. Animal fat fires accumulated on walls and in ovens
        are the no. l cause of restaurant fires.
      • WCRF Cleveland reported May 20th that a squash exploded in a
        microwave when the door was opened.. causing burns to the squash

C. TIME SAVING: Cooking wastes preparation and cleanup time.


D. FUEL SAVING: Not cooking saves fuel


E. MONEY SAVING in saving fuel costs Macrobiotic teacher Bob Carr
recommends chewing each bite 150 times to increase ptyalin and other
mouth enzymes, to relieve stress on digestive tract, and to relax. Tanya
Siri recommends cutting fruits such as cucumbers into tiny little
cubes.. for the same reason. No longer required is the sweat of the
brow. From Eden we fell.. and now back to Eden all shall rise. The
scriptures of several religions recommend fruitarian diet. Genesis l:29,
the Garden of Eden, for Christians, Jews, Moslems.. the Ramayana for
the Hindus in which Rama is described as eating a fruitarian (phalahari)
diet 14 years in the forest, the writings of Isaiah. There are copious
references to fruit in the Quran. Buddhists whose prayer is “May all t
have life be delivered from suffering” have fruitarianism in the Pali,
Dhammapada, and other sacred texts. Jains whose founder Mahavir preached
reverence for all living beings have fruitarianism in their scriptures
as well.






    • Revelation 9: The 5th angel counsels not to harm any green growing being.

Genesis 1:29 Behold I have given you herb yielding seed. To you that shall be for meat.


Quran: 2:34 Adam dwell with your wife in paradise and eat of its fruits to your heart’s content.. (except one)


    • Phalahari is an over 20,000 year old Sanskrit word for fruitarian.

The first avatar of India, Rama, lived in the forest 14 years, eating, says the Ramayana, only fruits and nuts.


    • Genesis: In the beginning the world was watered with mist
      (before tree destruction caused famine, drought, tornado, violent
      Quran 2:168 Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.
    • Jesus: What God has joined together let no one put asunder.(The
      first meaning is to honor marriage.. but God also wants us to sunder no
      form from its life force) Tu B’Shvat: This Jewish annual holiday
      celebrates the awakening of the trees as the sun rekindles their
      fruitmaking process.

John: And the darkness was within the light and comprehended it not.


Bible: Satan is the prince of darkness. (Fruit of all foods is the
closest to light.. then vegetables then dairy.. meat is the densest
darkest food)


    • Isaiah 42: He does not break the bent reed.

Bible: Aaron’s robe was garbed with pomegranates.


Psalms: 104 16-18 The trees of the Lord are watered abundantly.


    • Bhagavad Gita: Foods which are good for us taste first like poison
      then like nectar. Foods which are harmful taste first like nectar then
      like poison.

Jesus in his parable said that we must not harm the weeds lest we harm the fruit-bearing plants growing amongst them.


    • Exodus 16:31
      Manna is virtually coriander seed, says Reginald Cherry MD, nutritionist broadcaster for TBN.
    • May we make of our hearts a Garden of Allah, from whence only fragrant thoughts and dreams bloom into reality. Fr. Ron Lengwin,

Catholic vegetarian priest on KDKA of Pittsburgh, hypothesizes that
what Adam ate which caused the fall was not an apple.. but the heart of
the first butchered animal.


Revelation’s 5th angel, it is recounted, wanted no green living thing harmed.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebooks, says Dudley Giehl, indicate he was probably a fruitarain.


    • Fruitarian Network: Loving ones neighbor includes watering trees near us.

When you are at a grocery store, a co-op, a restaurant.. ask the manager to include more vegetarian and fruitarian options.


    • Shri Sathya Sai Baba: A person who loves is a theist,whether he goes
      to a temple or church or not. You have to proceed from the known to the
      unknown. Then, the love expands in ever widening circles, until it
      covers all nature, until even plucking a leaf from a tree affects you so
      painfully you dare not. SUGAR Since sugars in the U.S. are processed
      using animal bones, and since they come from the killing of plants and
      in many cases from the burning of the fields including their mongeese
      residents, please use date sugar and fructose. Bibliography:
      1. The Fructose Diet by Dr. Palm, PhD
      2. The works of Morris Krok of S. Africa
      3. Cookin with Mother Nature for Folks Who Eat HarperCollins Dick
        Gregory. Dick Gregory provides free health information.. Health,
        Plymouth Ma 02360
      4. The Mucusless Diet. Dr. Arnold Ehret Ehret Literature Publ Beaumont Ca 92223
      5. The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins (sp?)(rights owned by
        Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Cafes, who sold his hamburger
        chain after becoming a vegetarian and built a free hospital in
        Bangalore, India which is considered by many the world’s best equipped
      6. The Holy Science Sri Yukteswar published by the Self Realization
        Fellowship of California 3880 San Rafael Ave. Los Ang Ca 90065 (when
        Dennis Weaver read this book on the se of Gunsmoke he became a
      7. The writings of Bronson Alcott, founder of Fruitlands, and father of
        abolitionist author Louisa Mae Alcott who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
      8. Light Eating For Survival Marcia Acciardo dist. by Viktoras Kulvinskas (see recipes at the end of file 15: restaurants)
      9. Fruits of Paradise Rebecca Hall
      10. For a free electronic copy of the Healthful Astrologer.. done by
        fruitarian Pandeva Zagar.. call 219 397 9297 or write pandeva@aol.com
      11. Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss



The Diet which does the least harm: Fasting is common to many
religions: a. The Moslems fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month
of Ramadan. b. The Jews fast on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement c.
Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert. d. Buddha in a state of samadhi
(spiritual ecstasy beyond body consciousness) went without food for many
days. e. Catholic stigmatist Therese Neumann of Germany was a noneating




      1. Dr. Joel Fuhrmann’s book on fasting
      2. Fasting Can Save Your Life
      3. Rev. Ernest Angley The Power of Bible Fasting Ernest Angley Ministries Akron, Oh 44309

Industries affected by a fruitarian world will be meat, dairy, fish,
leather, wool, perfume, soap, television (advertising dollars), gun
manufacturers, newspapers, building trades, lumber etc.


Famous fruitarians include Leonardo da Vinci(as indicated in his
notebooks), Jonathan Chapman ( Johnny Appleseed ), Sri Yukteswar whose
book analyzes the anatomical differences between fruitarians and


  • Just Natural of Hawaii, Nimbo of Miami, and Gypsy Boots of Los Angeles are some fruitarian activists.
  • (Findhorn in Scotland is a group established to foster plant rights,
    but some plants are loved more than others there. E.g., there is
    weeding.) ( Green thumb is a phrase describing those to whose love
    plants seem to respond.)




Stick your finger in the dirt.. scoop out an inch of soil.. put in a
fruit tree seed and cover with dirt. Then wait. Or, as was done with
Isaac Newton’s apple tree offspring in Teddington, take a cutting of a
mature tree.. put it in water.. let it grow roots.. gradually add more
and more dirt through the weeks and months to the water. Then plant. How
to grow avocado trees to take south for planting or to plant in a
greenhouse or a room of glass: Take a seed. Place it half way down in
very wet dirt. Wait. To speed up the process, by yearling or several
year old fruit trees from nurseries. Many nurseries will plant them for
you. We will be adding the addresses of fruitarian groups, and related
issues of preservation.



Fruitarian Network was founded as a committee of American Vegetarians in 1976.



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