Camping is always an adventure you don’t know what will happen day to day

but as a microcosm of life we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Yesterday followed that pattern…as once again we felt blessed

To have a day filled with adventures that were different from the rest.


Days gives us a chance to learn if we’re willing to listen to what they teach

We learned the Atlantic ocean’s roar is loud on a morning walk along the beach.


We learned despite the roar there is a beautiful silence far from the usual crowds

We learned a sunrise can be beautiful even when she hides behind the clouds.


We learned pelicans flying overhead put on their own unique air show

We learned walking on a shell filled beach sounds like walking in the snow… 


We learned walking up 219 steps to the top of a lighthouse 

makes you winded…and takes some time

But once you make it to the top…it’s worth every stair you climb.


We learned that time when on vacation happily seems to move slow

We learned eating seafood at a local restaurant is the only way to go.


We learned eating donuts for breakfast is a diet every now and then we’d like to try

And any day that starts with donuts…is great to end with a slice of pie.


We learned how, as we talk to people…once we stop and learn their name

to our astonishment and surprise…most of us are the same.


For after we meet new people and exchange the everyday niceties

The conversation quickly turns to our adventures, our friends and families


And when we bed down for night…we’re blessed with a feeling we can’t ignore

That today was the best day we’ve ever had…

Even a little better than the day before.


Yes, life is an ever-changing adventure…

Is something we always think about when it comes to the end of the day

And as we close our eyes and fall asleep


we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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