African America bounty angel soul killer

Get out America



Bounty killer,

Bounty white

brown outside

pliers, and demus

badboy ready to wear

he does not touch me

that is the point

I love my life

and her soul alongside




Bounty angel


a factory director

a direction angel

a liar angel

a black angel with a bounty

brown white soul

a inside that is white


A soul, hostage, ransom

african man, angel, bounty

bounty killer, a white soul,

brown skin, angel, bounty

angel, a liar angel,

a angel; a factory

a green, paint, a concrete

machinery, a factory: Hodan Shoe

Factory, a concept Rahman, and Alin

a 50 thousand, bank, Somali Bank

approval from Zaid Barre 


Pump up the volume

that is a little nice mix

pump up the volume, Layla 

it is pump up the volume

my daughter is Catholic

and Layla is also my



Bounty Killer

a man: African American

man's soul, ransom

hostage, bounty angel

follow me if you are a working class man

Liverpool: John Lenon; Imagine. Oprah

Interview 81, 

Cat woman, a Afghani SM, I am a masochist

Sado Masochsim, a lynch

tool, a lynch customiszed allegator skin, 

black color.


A video: CNN Europe: The Prohept's Khamiz

14 century: a Khamiz, a women that was

being cashed by Talabani

for the viewer

while the Golf person was practising

Talabani, North Alliance, Abdallah, Abdalllah

"suddenly" being in the government, Karzai


A show that people see where the woman is the

victim and every body watched and feels

the pain, yet the woman is a liar


Places in Africa: Nigeria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia

the Gulf, the Middle East, North Africa,

Africa; women are killed and no one 

says anything


A bounty killer, a lyncer, a white bounty chocolate

married to Silvia

 Zomba records

Silvia, Silvia, Silvia


Latter day Saints Church

Mitt Romney, his son Jeff

and Joseph, a marriage

that is blessed and a church

that is understanding of a man's need

a charge, aanklaagt


A Latin Hero, that is a liar

Chevez and his Irani friend



The Farc, now a government, free

from Chavez,  Mexico, Papa N. Guinea

Guantemela, Puerto Rico, Pananama.


Salute to the "Farc" for having served Latin America

you are the Latin Heros: not them.


Get out America from Latin America

we do not want you here

We will not pray for this

We will not give a press conference for this

We will not go not go to a show for this.


The Brics, Brazil, only

That what I support

Latin America

A land of Latin Hereos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They wanted to get away with it: The Americans: the Caucasians, and the Causian Military industrail complex. My Father Mohamed Said Abby: a Founder of the Somali National Movement: I am my Father's daughter: Heba Mohamed/Hibo Mohamed: Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder ( 2001), Schizo Affective: 2015. Please see copy right lawsL "fair use" Thanks