invented in the sixties

Get out America



Bounty killer,

Bounty white

brown outside

pliers, and demus

badboy ready to wear

he does not touch me

that is the point

I love my life

and her soul alongside




Bounty angel


a factory director

a direction angel

a liar angel

a black angel with a bounty

brown white soul

a inside that is white


A soul, hostage, ransom

african man, angel, bounty

bounty killer, a white soul,

brown skin, angel, bounty

angel, a liar angel,

a angel; a factory

a green, paint, a concrete

machinery, a factory: Hodan Shoe

Factory, a concept Rahman, and Alin

a 50 thousand, bank, Somali Bank

approval from Zaid Barre 


Pump up the volume

that is a little nice mix

pump up the volume, Layla 

it is pump up the volume

my daughter is Catholic

and Layla is also my



Bounty Killer

a man: African American

man's soul, ransom

hostage, bounty angel

follow me if you are a working class man

Liverpool: John Lenon; Imagine. Oprah

Interview 81, 

Cat woman, a Afghani SM, I am a masochist

Sado Masochsim, a lynch

tool, a lynch customiszed allegator skin, 

black color.


A video: CNN Europe: The Prohept's Khamiz

14 century: a Khamiz, a women that was

being cashed by Talabani

for the viewer

while the Golf person was practising

Talabani, North Alliance, Abdallah, Abdalllah

"suddenly" being in the government, Karzai


A show that people see where the woman is the

victim and every body watched and feels

the pain, yet the woman is a liar


Places in Africa: Nigeria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia

the Gulf, the Middle East, North Africa,

Africa; women are killed and no one 

says anything


A bounty killer, a lyncer, a white bounty chocolate

married to Silvia

 Zomba records

Silvia, Silvia, Silvia


Latter day Saints Church

Mitt Romney, his son Jeff

and Joseph, a marriage

that is blessed and a church

that is understanding of a man's need

a charge, aanklaagt


A Latin Hero, that is a liar

Chevez and his Irani friend



The Farc, now a government, free

from Chavez,  Mexico, Papa N. Guinea

Guantemela, Puerto Rico, Pananama.


Salute to the "Farc" for having served Latin America

you are the Latin Heros: not them.


Get out America from Latin America

we do not want you here

We will not pray for this

We will not give a press conference for this

We will not go not go to a show for this.


The Brics, Brazil, only

That what I support

Latin America

A land of Latin Hereos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They wanted to get away with it: The Americans: the Caucasians, and the Causian Military industrail complex. My Father Mohamed Said Abby: a Founder of the Somali National Movement: I am my Father's daughter: Heba Mohamed/Hibo Mohamed: Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder ( 2001), Schizo Affective: 2015. Please see copy right lawsL "fair use" Thanks