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Burn To Turn

Burn To Turn

for a briefest, gilted
eternity, the trees
will burn not from
their crown
nor from their feet
and, despite the ice,
the sparkless space,
the cold steel
darts of insistent
slanting rains,
the trees will burn,
the trees will burn,
and all-at-once
the peripatetic sun,
it's whims having won,
will dance along
and share its breath
with everyone

Restore Me A Few

Restore Me A Few


lift a hold to sway

the building bridges day

a whole host to  piece

throughout an ornamental key...

lay a hold of the flame

I'm not insane

a funny rope with a chain

in a wholeness gene

look out at the wind

there are flames the most

hope & charity

yell out the window

bust a beat tempo

Lay Low Flo...

a bat and ball

a certain way to stand tall

ignition within a conversation

pierced as the renegade blown together


appreciate the system,

walk away to me while you bleed

certain to be caught

from here to eternity back


safe in my chest you see

lift the soap so far

try avoiding the light on the car

look to the east...


Be A Friend

Be A Friend




Be a channel of strength
Through the power of prayer

When you’re silent
Sometimes we complain and lament
Be a channel of strength
Lord grant us patience


Give us peace
In times of toil
Be a channel of strength
Make us captives loyal

In times of doubt and fear
Draw us near
Be a channel of strength
Through the power of prayer

When you’re silent
Sometimes we complain and lament
Be a channel of strength
Lord grant us patience



it is a perfect day to feel a little morbid… the winds fill the ears of the trees with painful melodies and tears of the sky fill their being with long forgotten sorrow… the earth shakes with tremor, like a sobbing body, the ground opens, with a hideous smile, dribbling with red glowing spit, waiting to swallow some hazardous victim… tornadoes are dancing, deadly ballet of nature, taking to their frenzy, anyone to their fancy! leaving the stage empty, apart from the spotlight of the thunder and the dying sound of the storm…. the rain will wash away the last remain, witness of his beauty. behind the great shadow, the sun is waiting to take the stage and rob his friends from the applause again…



LAOS 4000 Islands

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LAOS 4000 Islands

Kill me Now

Existence I hate. Existence this rape. Ppl so fake. Daily struggle all for a shovel. Dirt on casket. Buried body, beneath the earth. Forever silent. Forever rotting. 

We Lock Horns...

We still lock horns as in a vac enough time to vape with smoke...,

penetrate me on the spinning wheel talk to Tony Robbins on Dr. Oz Show;

boxed in circle jerk said to be my friend milk the killer while we speak

held for a big surprise look to a power greater then self put that book on a shelf

crazy wings painting a picture toward the forbidden captured sun make room to run

Dr. Phil sucking on a porcelain Ice table left to sneeze with midnight chill

keep the chatter down to a minimal grease the monkey on the quaint sofa

chattered foxes Willow branches by support through able fences


Today its hushed with regard to the memory sparked beside the wait & see...

Electric proned to words grafted in silence a move to encounter an innocent force

connect with me on the other side a given opportunity  milk its pride...

milk me. milk me..intellectualize me toward the poster of the painted pony

let earth be the cement where such is borrowed to incline on a force

love is exchange for a rather nose birth