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The Year Of The Cat

There was a man whose name was Jake
Who had a house upon the lake
Every morning he would wake
And for breakfast have a piece of cake

He had a private fishing hole;
He always used a long cane pole
He fried his fish on red hot coal
And served it in a great big bowl

For a pet, he had a cat

Sleep outside head pressed upon a hot coal
delivered along side...

throughout are barren land,
seek through the farmers laid before

table weight a seek to shine
telephone once you belong

touch the heart..

illumination on it''s fault
wake up to reach a tender hand to hold
in the energy,
to close to the heart
to ignite the spark;
the spark was meant sparks as been evident...

shout to the springs
believe you and me
had my sea food twice
through a trust to share
a match made in heaven
love where the music flow
beneath the window blow
bandaged to the extreme...

trust in a miracle rush
to grow on the beacon of light

shadows to a degree a breeze
love is to shine
the crown of thorns on my head
travel the known medic
in the trees laugh to chose
love was in a two way street
keep traveling the bases
travel through, to ask the Russian Czar,
beg to chose the island rush

travel the day through
thanks for the life given
a whole host of a filled treasure chest
love shining through the cloud
dig deeper to launch
to gravitate the motion swept

love sees through the ocean swept
we need each other
to show one another home
stay limber at its best...
kiss the face of a hero's choice
belly of the beast through trouble
love leads away from a mistake
shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call
Sharpen the angel

lift high the manner
A deeper approach,
Out over the mountain the hills collide
lift high the manner
A current mere dress
Speak slowly a half hearted fawn
through a treasure to help mount the hump
Uber looks out for people to learn
What a blink of an eye
the late of fake culture
through the cover man's sign
lift high the banner above
through a shadow sprung a sign
inside will hide
far from the belly of the beast will sigh

Accordingly to life wee claim the Spruce...
a merry mermaid will return
loves lost to pass the hat
vote to open chest it has become evident
come across at each match
pick your orange perfect pumpkin
shine down on an order
closed from vacation

without a tailored made orientation
get back to the Bronx;
we savor to what is simple
through mountains of madness
love within it's first degree
stake your claim on me
A pattern far away from the make believe
we will share a beautiful view

Lift High the Manner !

Blowing Glass

Blowing Glass


lay hold out your ass

seeking speaks tempo

harness the way we should go

fixing kitchens lay below

another torture from here to bleed

lay aside the hefty

inside we hide 

through patients unseem

eating ice cream

freedom swing

body wash thing;

not your loss

in pages well turned

a chance per grasp

treasure to task

Naseline from the back

A pig on a rack




tears, laughs & confession
pulsating sex
the desire frees me to perform
your deep cunt is warm
breath through the motion again
your hair is beautiful
capture her touch with a smile
pumping on the floor
to caress her cunt at the edge of the bed
suck her pussy till I'm dead
pussy isn't nothing but meat on the bone
I'll suck it I'll fuck it I'll leave it alone

keys, cigarette & lighter
the climax of heated desire
to kiss her lips scented fragrance
throbbing back and forth
sweat pours off are body's
we are left together under the covers
a smile then proceed to suck her again
in her cum she has come undone
to peak in the most beautiful of fragrance
next to her read a beautiful poem
home alone
her nipples I continue to caress with deepened desire
my penis swells inside her
she screams with continue abandonment

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The exquisite piece was wriiten in 1998

Has visuals of making love experience

i was inspired by listeng to a lot of 1970's Berry White music.

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding Inspired)

Sitting on the dock of the bay,
writing away my problems as I
say these rhymes I create,
Otis Redding playing in the background
I don't hear a single sound
of distress my life was
a constant mess,


Until the day I let the blissful waves
cleansed me of my worries
and aches,
as that Otis record plays I'll further
illustrate the way
I pray.


Sending the higher power my future
vows to deliver to my
beautiful gal,
I want to let her know I'll forever be
I'm wishing she was here with me right
now as I sit down
and gaze out into the blissful
existence and
say "Wow"



I see you floating,

With your veils,

Flying aimlessly around,

A big smile on your face.

My Smiley, happy one.


The wind leaves your veils,

You fall swiftly to the ground,

Land on your feet,

And smile at me.

I see you.

I say.

You smile and fly away.

I love you she yells.

I love you.

She smiles and flies away.

Love Like Purgatory

One More Time

As long as we walk, 

we will suffer.

Love tears us apart

every time we take a step

forward or backwards, it's always the same

But we slowly progress, 

feel the heart tear to pieces,

losing limb after limb,

joy after joy.

At its darkest

we will no longer see

any meaning to continue forward,

but we continue nonetheless

because none dare return to

how they were before.


Until one day 

on our knees in tears,

we'll look up and see 

a light in the dark,

a gap that one might climb out of.

And as we stand 

leaving that hell behind

we'll see before us

what we had always been searching for

someone who'd ease the suffering,

but yet we would gladly dive into hell for

so that they may never shed a tear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got this after truly realizing how long it can take to start learning how to find that one person that you can truly be with. It could take a long time and alot of hardships, but we will all get there in the end :)