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Imperfect circle

Imperfect circle


You are a mouse

Runnin` around maze

Which walls are  there

by someone else

On their white surface

You only see it’s whiteness

You are a tool

But dumped in hands of others

Blinded and brainwashed

Imperfect circle

Culturally crippled

Bright colors deceive you

Not taught to ask questions

But modeled what to think

and not how

To use less words

and more signs

No stops,

No excuses.

Led to abbeys of immorality

Standing on the stools

Petrified by the mice

You weren’t asked what you want

Only given a check

Acting like motor without coil

Mono faze current

Net attached storage

Cloud binaries

Fifth wheel

Shared as broken sculpture

Cast in scrap iron

Bolted to the ground

Eaten by erosion

Stretched in images of past

Raised on hate

Learned to regret everything

To be ashamed all the time

Not to ask for your belongings

As they are given to others

Numbed by white noise

Played by those who rule

With shallow buried hope

Never to await tomorrow

But land is shaken

And unconsciousness awaken


He who can't be defined



He can’t be determined by oue gaze

But he can be felt in many ways

We can’t take anything from him through

The bell ringing beauty kept in his view

He can’t be seen even in the light

But gives us a peaceful delight

He has no botheration in our plea

But has lot of meaning when we see

He is the world which is out there

Whch we can’t divide and share

He is the world with no eyes

But never given a prize

For the early winter fogs

Are we the stone hearted dogs

But he didn’t ask anything from us

All he wanted is to save him with no curse

Called by the name pollution






The glass mug

orange, my favorite one

Every night,

my fingers curl around the handle

shaking, I hold tighter.

Raising my other hand

to help me bring addiction

to my quivering lips.

The brutal heat

trickles down my throat.

It burns like the hell I belong in.

This energy,

false energy, I use to

slowly kill myself.

I wait paitiently

but with wobbly knees

and twitching eyes.

I wait paitiently

for the crash,

the mental breakdown,

the tears.

Crying myself to sleep

so that I can't get my body

out of my bed

swallowing me back into the darkness

into the sleep I can't get at night.

I don't like waking up,

then I would have to


clean my orange, favorite glass,

and fill it with addiction.


Hello Death, my old friend

I was and will be with you until the very end

I cannot escape you, no matter how hard I try

I don’t even have the audacity, to look you in your eye

darkness overcomes all of us eventually

for us to enter eternal sleep

we count an infinite number of white sheep before we wake

we pray to a lord, any lord, our soul to take

I am loved by many but feel so alone

take me death


take me home



The silencer to all the lies,
To the liars it spies,
To the disappointment it cries,
It gives out its own prize,
Shakes its head then flies,
Frowns at its size,
It always tries,
It comes near the wise,
Hoping that it never dies,
It sees the truth through its eyes,
Looking for its rise,
The evil that it will baptize,
It will always give advice,
To the lies it despise,
Scarred of its demise,
It will never disguise,
On us it relies,
But we break the trust with our snake eyes,
And we show it its surmise.



Time will tell the meaning of a word,
It will state if it was blurred,
Gives answers that we never heard,
The future that it stirred.


The past that it created,
Everything that was fated,
Our beginning that we hated,
As our mind waited.


A partial for what to come,
The sticks that beat the drum,
What makes the present numb,
Cannot be added to a sum.


The wise, knowing what will happen,
We try to break and it will blacken,
Has you stuck in a cabin,
Time passes and it will keep slapping.


Courses that affect the story,
Will hit you harder than a lorry,
Can steal away your glory,
And can mix your life to become gory.


The watcher of what to expect,
Everything that caused a life to be wrecked,
The past that caused conflict,
It has a future to protect.


And we stay angry at time,
As it stops us from our climb,
Ends your life at your prime,
Never being punished for its crime.

Behind the mask

I wake up screaming every night,
afraid of a monster that appears when I close my eyes,
 I remember like it was yesterday,
the first time I have seen your face,

the day your mask fell down,

I realized that my whole life was a lie,
you were only  a ghost,
here to take my heart of gold,

Many times I begged you to stop doing this to yourself,
Many times I have told you that it will kill you in the end,
Although I tried so hard to make you see,
You have died the way you lived,

Alone and overdosed,
Drowning in alcohol,
No one even heard your desperate crys for help,
You died beside the bottle,your only friend

Hiding Them Away


Everytime it feels like a gun,

To your heart,

Taking all emotions and hiding them away,

It will never put the hurt at bay,

All the words,


Making all your skies seem gray,


All the times they put you down,

All the times they made you frown,

Taking all emotions and hiding them away,

It will never put the hurt at bay,

All the words,

Making your skies seem gray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is mainly made up and it was made quick so it sucks but whatever...

The Reinvention

If you're looking for M.T.P well you found him,

Lucy tried to drown me. Now I'm back with a

Whole arsenal of poetic weaponry to murder

My adversaries, it's very necessary. So many

Tried to behead me, because of my belief. I

Killed Lucy, when she was seducing me. A

Knife to the head, defeated my tournament

Mistress. I got my Mrs. beside me, her name

Is Kasey. She help reinvent me, she didn't

Even run away on our worst days and she's

Just awaiting for better days to be given 

After my reinvention…