Action/Training Plan Response

Action/Training Plan Response: “Praise-Question-Polish (P-Q-P)”

Name: Md. Ziaul Haque

Country: Bangladesh

Grade (Age): G15 (Ages 20-25)

Class Size: Medium Class



Dear Elena,


PRAISE: The training plan of yours seems so well-organized to me! The training title looks catchy as well- “Establishing Classroom Routines in English for Young Learners.” You have made your objectives rather clear through the training plan. What impresses me most is the way you have prepared this workshop for teachers of English working in the private kindergarten and who teach teenagers aged 2 to 7. The training goals and logistics appear perfect to me. Well done!


QUESTION: It is really great that you have made your training plan by focusing on the kindergarten students. However, I have one general question, what other creative training goals or objectives may also be included apart from the following three that you have mentioned already?


After this training, participants will be able to:

· define young learner and very young learner

· describe the characteristics of young learners

· establish classroom routines to manage young learners


POLISH: You have mentioned in your training plan that you will ask the following questions to the teachers:


  1. Do you find this workshop useful?
  2. How do you estimate your overall understanding of the topic?
  3. Your suggestions, advice, ideas for future workshops.

However, instead of asking questions, in my opinion, you could provide them with a sort of MCQ paper which they need to answer and you can let them know the correct answers after the test is done. Obviously, it will be exciting and interesting for the students to take part in such a test even if it is meant only for 2-3 minutes! After the test, you can easily evaluate and understand whether the audiences have learnt anything from the workshop or not.


To be honest, I am a lifelong learner and your action plan provided me with much knowledge, and I wish you all the best.


Best regards,

Md. Ziaul Haque

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